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Bitcoin bottom is not yet reached

When the sentiment is already very bearish, which is a very excellent question, now you're at your job. Do you remember Charlie just a few weeks ago, man, you did a webinar together and we were talking about contrarian thinking. Uh, in fact, here's my video right here. So this is the video from my a video we did together that a couple of weeks ago, two, three weeks ago. I think it was. There it is. So what will happen was just to let me get my pen here so I can draw on this chart. So I, as you may know, I genuinely believe that this rally that occurred in Bitcoin here, this rally, I believe this was actually the start of a new upward trend. I got it wrong. I admit that I was wrong about that, although certainly the fact that there was a strong rally with volume with strong volume happening right here.

Altcoin crash before Bitcoin will hit floor in 2018

In this video, I want to share with you a very powerful idea which I think actually could put you way ahead of everybody else out there who does not know this. You see right now there's a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Bitcoin, what's been commonly coined as Fud and of course many folks are asking, Hey, when is bitcoin going to stop dropping and start going up again. In fact, what could be the price level at which bitcoin could stop dropping and could start to rise again or put another way? What price could be the floor for bitcoin? So that's what I want to talk about with you in this video. Some very powerful ideas and information I want to share with you. So that was an interesting article recently in Market watch and they talked about what is the cost of producing one bitcoin.

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