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Bitcoin may crash to 2500 or 1500 mark range. Be prepared to buy in full of stack and HODL for an x20 profits in Future Bitcoin bull run

It's been a few weeks at least since my last video. Um, quite frankly, I've just been pretty busy with a building, a lot of content trading full time and also working with some different businesses and ventures that I'm involved. So please accept my apology for that. I will try today and give you an update on where I see the 60-day cycle, the short term, but of course focus more on the long term that I said. Well, dedicate as channel four. Look at the kind of the four-year cycle outlook where I see potentially a big coin moving over the coming year or at least this year in 2019 and give you some more strategies on how to trade Bitcoin and invest in this type of environment. And then lastly, as a disclaimer, again, information or provide here on this video is not for you to go out and buy or sell immediately.

Will a new Bitcoin bull run starts on April or not? Where can ride us Bitcoin new bull cycle? What will price Bitcoin reach before we should consider selling it?

I'm coming to you today with a new video. Firstly, I'm going to cover today a lot of the questions that you posted in the comment section of the Community Tab. Thank you for doing that. This might be a new format going forward, at least maybe every month. Let's see how it goes. But I'm happy to go through these questions. Give you at least my view in my opinion. Of course. Uh, like anything in life, take one person's perspective and advice with a little bit of grain of salt. Do you own research, that's not necessarily a disclaimer, it's just a life lesson that I've, uh, I think has worked well for myself. Um, everyone's prone to making mistakes, and I'm certainly no exception. Second of all, uh, one other point I want to make that very, very important. Um, and that is timeframes.

Will we see a new stability on a BTC price action and or we will see a new bull run start?

What I notice here is in the green boxes going back to pretty much, uh, the, the Satoshi days back to the three stent area, I'm measuring bitcoin's price by month and the shaded rectangle that I have here represent the number of months in one particular streak. So the green boxes represent an uptrend, streak, continuous months of advancing from the open to the close of that month. And the red candles represent the declining phase. Uh, this one, this first one here, I have six months. What's been pretty hard to really put any weight behind this? We're talking about six cents and ten cents. There really wasn't even any real exchanges as far as I'm aware. So the pricing here is kind of irrelevant to me in my opinion. The first real bear market or the first real streak that we had was with his months, the first of the Mt.

When will be the right time to start buying cryptocurrencies? Will new fall coming in or we need to not sleep and get some cheap coins?

Which we haven't talked about for quite a while and I want to show you how you can find out the next downside targets. In fact, I'll show you a very useful technique you can use to find out next downside targets, especially if there's nonvisible on a chart. It's actually very simple to understand. So this is the chart of bitcoin because bitcoin has not been doing anything interesting lately. I want to bring your attention to this particular crypto first. So we're going to take a look at dash first and then in a few moments I want to show you another crypto, different altcoins which is getting demolished at present. That's going to be quite interesting to watch. So first of all, Dash, which by the way some years back, back in the day, dash was cold, dark coin. I'm not dash itself now. Dash has quite a lot of supporters around the world.

And by the way, what I'm going to share with you in this video, you can apply it not just a Bitcoin, but also you can apply to the charts of the stock market, to the charts of the currencies. In fact, any chart really you want this begin first of all, with the chart of bitcoin. Now you probably know by now that in my previous videos, in my most recent videos, I mentioned that an important level is very important level on the charts, which is a 200 weekly moving average. That's the Green Line you see on my chart right there to 200 weekly moving average. And I mentioned in my previous videos that, look, if bitcoin comes down to this level, very likely we're going to, hold this level and actually see some kind of a, some kind of bounced from these levels. Why? The reason is, let me show you as an example.

And let me just show you this, this is something I saw in the airport in Washington DC and I kid you not. This was the front cover of Bloomberg Business Week magazine. And look what it says on the front cover. It says rhymes with bitcoin. Has crypto hit the fan. Alright, now this is obviously written in my opinion, to provoke an anger. Some bitcoin investors out there, probably the hard-core bitcoin investors, especially since I'm there trying to use some rather rude language in regards with Bitcoin as you can probably guess, but whenever you see magazines publish on their front cover a doom and gloom negative articles about bitcoin at any market doesn't have to be bitcoin. But whenever there's doom and gloom and negative articles on the front cover of magazine, that is actually a very positive sign for that market historically. And statistically it's a sign that that market could be getting near to a bottom or maybe the bottom has already been reached.

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