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If a Bitcoin bull run has started, we will see a strong price retrace from marks we hold now. Where to search possible entry point for a long time investor?

In this video in just a few moments, I'm going to share with you a very interesting signal on this chart of bitcoin. I'm going to explain to you what this potentially means. So very interesting updates here on bitcoin. Stay tuned for that. Uh, before I go into that, I just want to make sure I mentioned a few things. Just a quick recap on what's been happening here. So in the last video that I posted about Bitcoin, here it is, I mentioned that video at towards the end that if bitcoin where to close above the trend line, this is the trend line I drew on in the previous video. And I said if bitcoin where to close above that trend line, we could see a move towards 6,000 and in fact, and the video after that in the member's video. So this is the member's video updates I said in that video, that's because bitcoin has not closed above the trend line as long as it remains above the trend line.

May will be a new Bitcoin Bull rally start point or a big disappointment. How far Bitcoin may drop if this Bull rally will FAIL

In just a few moments in this video I want to discuss with you a very important chart of bitcoin that is a long term chart of bitcoin and I want to show you why this chart is now very important for bitcoin. Something very interesting we're seeing now on this chart that's in just a few moments before I did that deal. I just want to give you some context. Give you some background what's been happening recently. Now, first of all, after bitcoin dropped down to this important level, the 21 daily moving average that you see their bitcoin decided to ignore all the bearish signals that we saw at this point and essentially blast through higher. And very interestingly now it is now closed above a key level. Okay. It's closed above the 50 simple moving average on the weekly timeframe, which is quite significant by the way.

What must happen that Bitcoin drops in price hard and return to previous lows? What conditions must be fulfilled that Bitcoin price retrace?

I have some very interesting charts to show you today. In this video, I'm gonna explain to you what this means in a few moments. First of all though, let me just do a quick recap. As you probably seen in the last few days, there's been a tremendous amount of volatility in bitcoin and bitcoin prices actually have dropped quite significantly down to some key levels. In fact, we're down now to the 21 daily average. In fact, right now you can see the bitcoin prices dropped from 5,000 just near 5,600 down now to the uh, to 21 daily average, although just a few days ago. As a matter of fact, uh, there were down as low as 5,000. So the question everybody's asking right now is, okay, has this changed a picture on Bitcoin? What's happening right now? Uh, what, what could this chart potentially mean here? Okay, I want to bring you to this chart that I'm showing to you here on empty for now.

There's going to be quite an interesting and important video on bitcoin because I'm going to show you in this video three scenarios, three potential scenarios like if they happen it means that a potential bull market in bitcoin has been confirmed and therefore we would have to adopt a much more bullish outlook on bitcoin.

Show you this and explain to you what this potentially means. So as I explained in my previous video, there are right now to likely projections on bitcoin one on the left, which is the slightly more bearish scenario, uh, which shows this could potentially be a way for correction on bitcoin and the one on the right's projection too, which shows and more bullish scenario that we could potentially be in the wave three. I taught potential uptrend on bitcoin right now I can tell you that both these scenarios carry about an equal probability, so about a 50% probability on both these scenarios.

Bitcoin will rise to a 10 k or will drop to 2k

And this video I want to talk to you about the recent situation in bitcoin. And actually this video is going to be quite controversial as you're about to find out. So, uh, as you can see here, as I'm looking at this chart today on Tuesday, bitcoin has just had another surge higher. And I want to talk to you about the potential wave counts that we're dealing with here on bitcoin. So I'm going to show you two alternative wave counts on bitcoin and show you which of these is more probable. So firstly, let me show you this chart over here. Now this is a line chart of bitcoin. So it's not a bar chart that's not a candlestick chart, it's a line chart. So we're only looking at the closing prices of Bitcoin.

And on this chart, what you see here is that I've, I've applied our own lt Elliott waves indicator and this is the default setting of our indicator. And what this default setting is showing to us right now is that we could potentially be in the start of a brand new way, three off a potential uptrend in bitcoin. Now as you probably know, I have a different way of interpretation which I explained to you in my previous videos. I'll come to that in just a few moments. But here's the thing, before I explained to her the other wave interpretation, I went to first of all say that this particular wave count you're seeing here that were potentially starting a new one, two, three wave count and the upside is perfectly valid and there is nothing wrong with this interpretation as far as the wave structure goes.

Bitcoin may crash to 2500 or 1500 mark range. Be prepared to buy in full of stack and HODL for an x20 profits in Future Bitcoin bull run

It's been a few weeks at least since my last video. Um, quite frankly, I've just been pretty busy with a building, a lot of content trading full time and also working with some different businesses and ventures that I'm involved. So please accept my apology for that. I will try today and give you an update on where I see the 60-day cycle, the short term, but of course focus more on the long term that I said. Well, dedicate as channel four. Look at the kind of the four-year cycle outlook where I see potentially a big coin moving over the coming year or at least this year in 2019 and give you some more strategies on how to trade Bitcoin and invest in this type of environment. And then lastly, as a disclaimer, again, information or provide here on this video is not for you to go out and buy or sell immediately.

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