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Will we see a new stability on a BTC price action and or we will see a new bull run start?

What I notice here is in the green boxes going back to pretty much, uh, the, the Satoshi days back to the three stent area, I'm measuring bitcoin's price by month and the shaded rectangle that I have here represent the number of months in one particular streak. So the green boxes represent an uptrend, streak, continuous months of advancing from the open to the close of that month. And the red candles represent the declining phase. Uh, this one, this first one here, I have six months. What's been pretty hard to really put any weight behind this? We're talking about six cents and ten cents. There really wasn't even any real exchanges as far as I'm aware. So the pricing here is kind of irrelevant to me in my opinion. The first real bear market or the first real streak that we had was with his months, the first of the Mt.


Gox, uh, issues. And that was a five-month losing streak. Then we had the six-month bull coming out and then we had the really big six-month move as well, up towards that first peak of a $1,200. So then we had the first real massive bear market of course, and we had a five-month declining period. Actually, this is incorrect. This is a full month declining period and then we got to the end of that. And in a similar sort of fashion, we're kind of in this area right now. If you were to compare this four-year cycle with the last and this four-year cycle, we're in this area here. Then during the, during the bull market we had a six-month run and on some exchanges, actually, this is not even a six-month run. This candle here in the middle actually read on some of the exchanges but doesn't really matter.

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The point is that we had six months and five months higher and now we have six straight months low up, which is actually the longest downtrend that we've seen in bitcoin's history and evolution. But the one thing you will not notice in this chart is the number of seven, eight, nine or 10, meaning that we've never had a streak of seven, eight or nine months either rising or declining. And that's, you know, that's, that's telling, I think it doesn't, it doesn't mean that there's absolutely no chance that we'll get a seven anyway. He eventually, I'm sure there'll be a seventh somewhere, but you've got to say that with this type of downtrend, we're now extended to a downside extended to them from a bear market sort of perspective. And that sentiment has kind of reached an extreme. I would think. There's always more room for extremes.

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Extremes by Neisha kind of surprised everybody. They tend to, you know, the teams would go on for much longer than anybody could ever predict or expect. But even with that said, with a full year cycle Jew now, either in December or now February, but the February low, there's a very good chance, in my opinion then what we're going to see here over the next few weeks into the 60-day cycle low. And then the four-year cycle is that we're going to see the February candle dip down into the 2000 area. Right? So maybe let's just, for argument's sake, only say 2100, 2,400 and then we come back up and print a green candle for the February month. So that's a swing. That's a pretty wild v type swing. I'm not suggesting it goes much higher than say a full thousand or $5,000 print in February. But look for volatility to come in in February, we've had a very, um, sort of flat, very flat lack of a lack of a trading environment for the last four weeks.

Last 30, 30 odd days. I, in fact, have actually been just a sideways or slow grind, lower of a, maybe a thousand dollars. Let's look for now some, um, some volatility to come into this market, that Bolinger bands and the daily a very tight and getting tighter by the day. Let's look for a drop down into this 23, $2,400 era that ends the 60-day cycle. That ends the four-year cycle. Then we'll come back up and close a month as green and this streak of six losing months right there. February becomes a green candle. And then, you know, we can maybe get another red candle off that, but I think here we can to maintain this streak of no more than seeing six consecutive months higher or lower with February. Look for a V-shaped recovery at some point by the latter part of the month. And, uh, you know, maybe there's an opportunity there for you if you know how to trade that, look for, look for that possibility in your, in your setups. And, uh, let's see how we could do with that.

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