Time of finding the best bitcoin exchange may be difficult and frustrating.

That is why we will help you chose it fast and easy.

Here are many new exchanges that have fantastic customer support and have little exchange price but they are unknown to hole world customers, they are working local.

One and most important thing before you do a money exchange is:

  • You have to be sure that yours chosen exchange is healthy, strong community, positive and safe.
  • People with more experience may be asking them self’s does this bitcoin exchange holds coins in a cold storage or it is stored in a hot wallet?
  • How many costumer complains do have this exchange or maybe all of customers are happy? 

Premium Successful cryptocurrency trading rule list

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Second thing to know is what currency will be accepted to trade currency into bitcoin?

Are you looking to trade bitcoin for USD, Euros, or other fiat currencies? The best and biggest bitcoin exchanges have many options for buying bitcoin with government issued currency and altcoins.

There may be a 90 percent of a whole BTC world in internet is a scam so be careful before you are transferring your money. 

Here you will find bitcoin exchanges which user like most, where you can buy bitcoin with a Paypal, or buy bitcoin with a credit card.

Bitcoin may be not a single crypto currency but it is a definitely a crypto gold. Bitcoin price skyrocket and role coaster during 2017 years and keep going lower half of a 2018. Now is the time to buy yours Bitcoin and to keep it safe for a long time investment. If you are searching ways how to buy a bitcoin, read this article, chose the best bitcoin exchanges to use, send your bitcoin into cold wallet and the you will be sure that this investment may change your life.

The most important is to keep safe your bitcoin so I suggest to use keep key or Ledger nano s. Bitcoin is widely accepted whole world and acceptance will spread more and more with every year.

Check what bitcoin exchange is the best, which one crypto exchange suits for you, pick the right cold storage devise for bitcoin storage and you off to go.

Crypto currency exchange NR. 1


ETORO Crypto currency exchange NR. 1

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Crypto currency exchange NR. 2

binance exchange Buy Bitcoins online

The smart way you should try to start Bitcoin trading with small amount of money

Leverage bitcoin trading

Crypto currency exchange NR. 3

localbitcoins exchange Buy Local Bitcoins online


Crypto currency exchange NR. 4

coinbase exchange Get a 10 $ on a coinbase  Free as you spend 100 $

Crypto currency exchange NR. 5

coinama exchange Buy bitcoins online

PAXFULL exchange

cryptopia exchange

poloniex exchange

cexio exchange

hitbtc exchange

bitstamp exchange

kraken exchange

yobit exchange

bitfinex exchange

changelly exchange