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How long we suppose to wait more for a clear an uptrend of XRP price?

We see that we have some clearing sky in a XRP BTC pair price range. There are indicators that show us that there is a high possibility that right now is a good entry point for a spot trading.

Spot trading means, we do not use leverage, so leverage traders have to wait confirmation.

In video I have mentioned where we should go and how it should look to try search entry point for a leverage XRP BTC trade position.


If you have watched video u know how and what I will be waiting for an entry to position.

I do have a big chunk of XRP and I am getting more of it on a spot position. For a spot entry it is a lower possible entry point. Will price may go lower, yes it can. Will it do? I don’t know. But there is a high chance that price will start consolidate right here.

In time perspective I do not think we will see a sharp uptrend but you never know. It is XRP, it may stagnate for years and may sky rocketing a single week.

Right now XRP BTC pair have retraced more than 90 percent from ATH. If you think that XRP will not disappear from a crypto world you should start thinking about some XRP coin buying. Why? Cause it retraced more than 90 percent.

I have never liked XRP and you may find even videos in my channel when XRP was 9000, when I was saying: that XRP will crash, and all was laughing at me, but my word came to reality.

XRP BTC is big, slow, and expensive to move, so do not think it will change direction in no time, but you have to remember, when it will change movement direction it will never stop again.

I have a prediction for a next 10 years of XRP BTC price range.

If my idea will come to true you all will be shocked out.

All this idea comes from a point that right now we are in a 2 wave of big move. We almost have ended weekly 5 wave price move so there is a possibility that we have ended a monthly 2 wave.

It means that we may see a slow reversal from a diagonal and possible start of a wave 3 on monthly base.

Only time will show us we were right or not so I will update this update after some time.


Update of an idea: This XRP BTC idea works for weeks or months but not more.

XRP BTC july


XRP mega bull run -not.

If you read ideas about how right now will start a mega bull run on XRP BTC, and you believe in it- u are an...... We have touched and slightly bounced for a channel that was drawn a year ago. From that last low channel start, we lost more than 30 percent worth of XRP BTC. Will it bounce right now, yes, for a short time. Will it start a new bull run. Sure not. Why? Cause we have a ..... wood resistance from here, and we have to breach them and get a bit confirmation that our downtrend has reversed, before we can say: yes, possible bull run. 

If we breach 1850, all bull run dreams will fade away.

Right now, aggressive traders may enter with a short SL. But for real: why trade XRP when u can trade BTC?

I will update this idea as I am on leverage investing.


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