The main question right now, when to sell Bitcoin to not lose a profit we made.

Hello I trust you're progressing nicely and glad new year to you much obliged for being here I need to wish you and your companions and your family all the absolute best for 2021 a solid upbeat and prosperous year ahead we trust for you

Look this is it's been a month and a half since the last video and a ton has changed bitcoin has multiplied we're well en route to that prosperous 2021 that we've been taking a gander at now for over a long time since the last video well the main video was delivered back in December of 2018 when it just looked so awful for bitcoin. After over a time of a bear market an 85 percent decrease there were many individuals that had quite recently essentially abandoned this had lost a ton of cash also, the initial long term cycle video was about resurrection was about raising and emerging from the cinders and the recurrent idea of these cycles is basically that from a mid-year to a colder time of year also, back to a mid-year through the spring and the fall seasons everything as you know has its stages and at that point in 2018 December the primary video was all about simply featuring the way that consistently we were at a base or very closer base and that was the ideal opportunity for activity in the event that you had still had confidence in bitcoin and trusted in its future and its probability. Were the place where it stood gave you a stunning or a stunning chance or potential if you exploited and for those that did whether it was at that point or then again before long or even significantly in the course of the most recent couple of months you're still sitting in an incredibly decent position clearly furthermore. The entire objective of this video arrangement was less to state that you know purchase bitcoin now and hold it later on it was about the stuff to have the option to traverse that cycle to recognize where we are in the cycle where what the potential is for bitcoin later on also, what that may mean for you and a portion of the difficulties that you will face getting to that point and getting to where we are today to have the option to in the end understand that opportunity that bitcoin is giving us and here we are today barely short of 40 000 sooner than what I had anticipated in past models that I've appeared and they've quite recently been guides.


I didn't search for bitcoin to truly get through that unsurpassed 20 000 level and not until walk or April of this current year so we're as of now four or five months in front of what numerous individuals thought was very idealistic in my cycle introductory hypothesis and here we are however we're at 40,000 it doesn't look like it needs to surrender yet it's determined also, I'm trusting on the off chance that anything this these recordings have given you the devices or the ammo and put your head in the correct space to have the option to acknowledge. Where we are hold that position potentially take a smidgen off furthermore, have the option to support the move and ride this cycle to the possible highs that I believe are going to be a lot higher than this spot furthermore, emerge from this having been compensated for that exertion so that is the thing that I needed to acquaint you with today I have gotten numerous inquiries over the most recent couple of months furthermore, i've recorded here on the screen the ones that were generally successive and generally enjoyed and I think they cover the ploy of what individuals needed to hear what's more, I will attempt to expand on each of these this may wind up being a long video i will talk openly also, just transparently none of such a scripted simply whatever rings a bell i'm simply going to simply present it to you and i'm trusting again like all past recordings that it resounds and there is a few esteem in this again this is just one man's insight one man's perspectives my perspectives are frequently off-base uh in exchanging and contributing no one is anyplace close near being correct most of the time or on the other hand constantly so that uh that is the case for me what's more, um the objective is to acknowledge possibly at the point when you're off-base or furthermore, and things aren't working out and to have an arrangement for that and I imagine that is where the model portfolio attempts to oblige being off-base in light of the fact that being off-base is part of exchanging and contributing furthermore, that additionally applies to something like bitcoin in this long haul thought I realize numerous individuals are so persuaded 100 persuaded that there is just a single way that bitcoin will resolve itself also, and possibly somewhat I think they'll be correct yet it doesn't imply that there aren't any chances so once more the general purpose of this is to have the option to cover the range of conceivable outcomes and have probably some type of an arrangement for that range of conceivable outcomes so here we are currently we're taking a gander at these inquiries obviously as I do in all the recordings I will begin off of where we are on the graphs i'll go over the outlines attempt and understand what's going on and afterward i'll simply get into these questions and they're all basically identified with either the portfolio purchasing selling um the siphon that we're seeing at the present time and afterward some guidance as a rule on the best way to exploit this also so i'll cover all these questions i'll go to and fro so we should get into it the primary diagram I need to show is the month to month basically catching the whole uh advancement of bitcoin returning to at the point when it first truly showed up on trades it hit that one dollar mark that is the place where I denoted the start of the initial four year cycle from an exchanging or cost viewpoint this is the place where genuine value disclosure started there was some fair liquidity that is the start of the long term cycle and on the off chance that you review from the first video the principle theory for this is that bitcoin is um acquiring force the organization is extending at a quick speed what's more, selection of bitcoin as a store of esteem has just expanded and as the organization increments and that's just the beginning individuals trust it is a genuine store of esteem at that point there will be more trust in that network the more trust that creates the more capital that streams into it and individuals at that point trust the organization enough where they state I would want to hold some incentive in bitcoin versus us dollar euro gold or some other resource class like a bond or an exchange or a depository for model so it turns into a cognizant choice as the organization develops to distribute your capital to um to certain resource classes and it's about trust and as we go on here the more trust that builds up the more esteem we will see also, this is actually the thing we're seeing at this moment with the current wave I talked about this wave being an institutional wave a year ago in large numbers of the recordings this was to a greater extent a retail marvel this first cycle here was a greater amount of the truly keen vc cash uh silicon valley cash that kind of thing that pushes higher this was the retail ico stage and now with the correct stages set up and a portion of the administrative um back a portion of the administrative that is in place we presently have the onboarding of bigger volume capital from the institutional space that is driving this higher what i've continuously said anyway is that in the event that you put stock in the properties of bitcoin also, you accept the organization is developing also, it's as it were truly about time constantly approaches trust approaches esteem this is the thing that it's been about as it over the long haul and each square is mined in the chain and with each square the organization accessibility stays with no guarantees what's more, the security of one's worth is at that point strengthened what you wind up having is more worth is it comes into the organization however, by and large as i've generally said despite the fact that you have huge swings and gyrations in general the pattern here is a mainstream pattern
it's a pattern that simply goes higher over time directly over the long run it's really predictable it returns to a mean it goes under a mean however, by and large it is steady here on this log outline also, I believe there's no motivation behind why for presently in any event at a market cap of still just what is it 550 600 billion there is no explanation why that requirements to end in the close term future it's still just a portion of what the gold market cap is at what's more, clearly an extremely minuscule portion of complete resources in the monetary framework in general so it actually is indeed, even at this 40,000 dollar level or then again near 40,000 it actually is a moderately unimportant resource class furthermore, that is acceptable that is useful for ahead of schedule adopters like us in light of the fact that there is still a ton of potential gain left in opening that esteem and by having our position we will at that point understand a ton of that esteem after some time so the diagram is again obvious it's a similar graph i've demonstrated you in pretty much each and every video and I think there isn't any uncertainty now that we have a privilege deciphered long term cycle that is in play we've been discussing this and hanging tight about sitting tight for this in any case, we are currently a month 25 of this long term cycle here as it were just hit the halfway purpose of the cycle so on the off chance that you take a gander at month 24 here which was uh a month ago in december being the long term commemoration of the bear market lows and afterward you go out to the following four next two years to the following long term cycle anticipated low not from a value point of view that is simply subjective just from a period stance we're at the midpoint here so we've continuously anticipated the top in this long term cycle set apart from december 2018 to somewhere near the finish of 2022 we've generally thought the top should come in the second 50% of that cycle so clearly on the off chance that you see this being the halfway point some place around there again that is subjective the last time it happened exactly on the long term mark if that is the case we're discussing december 2021 yet, that is that is that is extremely liquid in any cycle it doesn't need to happen right there a comparative point here was near the long term mark in any case, it's conceivable that it comes prior like october it's additionally conceivable it comes later its absolutely impossible of truly knowing what's significant is that we've caused another high so we to have a very clear common upturn here with the four year pattern of now rising however now we have one two now we have a third top paying little heed to where this cycle tops we will have a higher high once more furthermore, that is the meaning of a long haul mainstream upswing it's likewise the motivation behind why uh in the 16-year time span a 16-year cycle that we currently have this common pattern so we have one two three and I accept we will make another high in this fourth cycle that follows this in any case, I believe that one gets the opportunity a exceptionally huge possibility of fixing right off the bat in that cycle and at that point going through more like three years in a declining stage doesn't need to be critical from a value viewpoint what's more significant is from a period point of view that it does backtrack and unite so taking a gander at perhaps one year off from the next long term cycle low to a pinnacle framing left deciphered on the off chance that you look once more from a date angle from the normal cycle low out four years to the following expected cycle low which would be in december 2026 also, you draw the midpoint there just as we did here so there's the midpoint generally in this next cycle here to follow we'll be searching for a left deciphered top so a top that happens in the main portion of the cycle conceivably one year in one top that ought to likely surpass the high from this current long term cycle and afterward spend three years either generally solidifying I don't anticipate a huge decay in any case, positively a decrease down into this four-year cycle low that could be anyplace up at this now and afterward we start yet an additional 16-year cycle that follows however, that is advancing beyond ourselves right now we need to execute on this four-year cycle many individuals love discussing what's going to occur in 2026-28 and furthermore, on how bitcoin will be worth 1 million 2 million and 3 million furthermore, that is extraordinary and we desire to be there and we will be there at the point when that opportunity arrives however the objective of this here isn't simply to group I might have said from the earliest starting point simply cluster folks before the finish of the following decade bitcoin will be 3,000,000 dollars a coin simply sit tight for that I mean that is that is genuine right I mean individuals are doing that individuals are simply crouching for for at whatever point for the future for the for when bitcoin turns into a hold cash in any case, this arrangement of recordings isn't about that I will probably build the measure of bitcoin that I hold through the long term cycle so by selling as close as could reasonably be expected or so a lot as conceivable close to the highs of the four year cycle furthermore, collecting however much as could reasonably be expected at the following base too and this is the objective of the recordings that we have here so by and large everything here appears to be going to design all things considered is venturing out in front of plan we are presently plainly or serenely over the earlier highs from 2017 also, we're exactly at the midway characteristic of this long term cycle all looking great we are beginning to see some partition now between the cost furthermore, multi month moving normal recommending here that it's getting a little excessively theoretical somewhat foamy is perhaps what you can call it what's more, that is valid and by and large when you see detachment like this in the for in the value you start to imagine that we're in the last stretch of the four-year cycle pass over um simply like you saw here as it truly begun to isolate you began seeing that last push still a lot of room load left in this commonly in any event, when you see this division here there was another four or on the other hand five months to go from that point so there is still a lot of room left if this is the last pass over going to an early top in the cycle at that point we're actually taking a gander at those cost targets i've generally discussed the 100 additionally 150 200 perhaps as high as 250 000 are all in play if this is an early start to the brush off move I don't believe that is the situation and i'm going to cover two or three situations shortly however, that is one thing we need to simply be mindful of and we're ready for that as you know taking a gander at it from a week by week here it is here so we're beginning to get you know the pace of progress here in this in this move is truly beginning to quicken here proposing that we're going up towards some kind of at any rate transient top we haven't seen that 30 pullback that I discussed in the last video as something that happens frequently what's more, every now and again what's more, I trust a few people took that in a real sense and said well you saw you said it will go down 30 no doubt I said it's conceivable and that it occurs before and that is the thing that contributing is tied in with taking a gander at earlier conduct of a resource furthermore, attempting to be ready for that however simultaneously we didn't eliminate or sell some other situation in any expectation of that the goal of featuring that plausibility was basically to set you up if we had a 30 or 40 percent decay that it was typical in a buyer market up pattern that you don't need to lose your position and that on the off chance that anything you need to add to your position on that chance however at the present time we are in what I consider to be an exception climate or exception development meaning that we're seeing value activity or conduct here that even by bitcoin guidelines and its history of extraordinary unpredictability isn't something we see that frequently at all we saw a brief look at this quickly here in 2019 clearly in 2017 also, clearly in the last or the cycle before that the long term cycle with um with the twofold move here in 2013. there's just truly been four like moves in its whole 10 or 11 years so when you have an exception move like this when you have any resource class carrying on in an exception environ in an anomaly kind of circumstance you need to make a stride back and state to yourself I have no influence over what this is doing I can't foresee what it's doing since we are in a circumstance at this moment where in three weeks time I figure we can be up at 80 000 possibly indeed, even 90 000 what's more, this would fit this smaller than usual kind of parabola structure very well we could likewise easily drop here locate the top furthermore, do a 35 decay into what's more, down back towards simply the multi week moving normal or even only the 20-week moving normal I mean in earlier bull markets hitting the 20-week moving normal was a common event furthermore, as you can see the detachment now between the 20-week moving normal and cost is pronounced nearly as articulated as the top here in 2017. soon the other side at that point seeing a decrease of 35 40% isn't not feasible again it is anything but a forecast it's a probability what's more, the purpose of these recordings is to be ready to call attention to conceivable outcomes so you are readied when those occasions happen the entire objective of effective contributing is to comprehend what could turn out badly and less what could go right we definitely know what could go right we got in this space from the beginning since we thought the opportunity was there that bitcoin was going to six figures that has been the plan from the earliest starting point we don't have to persuade ourselves something else however we likewise should be arranged in transit up to that point on what could occur and here a drop of 35 40 percent would not annihilate or change the bullish nature of this development off the walk 2020 lows a decay of 40% doesn't get you to cost from december the twentieth that is the manner by which bullish this move has been that is the manner by which extraordinary this move has been so to be ready for that you need to see now what might you do on a 40 15 000 value decay what wo yet, none of them are calling and saying how would I get in man what's happening what's happening there's a portion of that yet, it's nothing not at all like what it was in 17. it's not at all like what it was in gold when I was doing a parcel of that in 2011 my point is it doesn't feel like it like that lunacy last brush off stage and here we are twofold the cost from 2017 here we are up 30 000 over the most recent two months alone so my point is that this is an institutional driven play indeed, even in the fates markets I mean the the volume is in the spot trades subsidizing rates simply they're not going to limits they get cleaned down each at this point and afterward yet this is a spot driven assembly it's a actual driven meeting it's it's cash and capital that needs to claim physical bitcoin it's not the theoretical fates driven business sectors that is driving the value here and it reminds me a part of this in light of the fact that despite the fact that I wasn't not put resources into bitcoin in 2013 I was vigorously into tech and I know that this early period here 13 was actually the first occasion when that the some of the silicon valley vcs and a ton of the tech people the cash that got in drove this higher here the first run through and afterward it was fortified the second time so this here was the first before that it was all kind of specialists nerds uh libertarians all such a thing right this is the cost at the 10 range and underneath this is the point at which you had the main kind of keen cash that came into the market and they just drove this higher tenaciously and this went from thirteen dollars to 200 dollars a 10x move and afterward we had this protracted combination of just about a half year and afterward we had that last pass over to the 1200 where there was a very some more retail interest I think something like this is going on again and I insinuated that just um fourteen days prior in twitter here we are presently i'm taking a gander at the cost about the clock forty thousand dollars congrats everyone that is uh that is extraordinary um however returning to these graphs thisis the place where I believe we're at and on the off chance that that is the situation in the event that you take a gander at this intently precise candles over the bollinger groups and afterward the appraised chains truly quickens and what you see here is that from this whole move of 2,000 percent uh the larger part of it right since it's a log outline um the larger part of that move happened here over the most recent three weeks or last a month so despite the fact that in case you're staying here at 13 bitcoin and out of nowhere you know it's at 47 well it's not very diverse to staying here at um you know whether you see 13 add a couple zeros to that and go to 13 000 and afterward you get to such a point here and it's at what 48 dollars so add a couple of more zeros again and gets 48 000 not very unlike where we are however, at that point see this pinnacle here at 257 dollars now add a couple of more zeros and afterward you get the thought um presently again i'm not i'm not proposing we're going to 257 000 throughout the following not many weeks um not in the least yet the thing I am proposing is that in the event that such an allegorical move can stay supportable even only for four additional weeks what's more, you get and you notice how systematic this is currently you're beginning to see it truly jab over the week by week bollinger groups what in the event that you get three or four a greater amount of these enormous candles out of nowhere before the finish of january or mid-february you're sitting at a hundred thousand bitcoin also, there's your first genuine pinnacle a lot sooner than everyone anticipated um individuals have been discussing cycles going out to 2027 and 24 furthermore, stretching, etc and here we are shortening on the off chance that anything there's a hurry to bitcoin this is clear there is genuine capital flooding in and this is just going insane so we could while this move is supported it will keep expanding in light of current circumstances of progress it's exceptionally uncommon once something gets to such a break speed type activity that it just delays for any timeframe we've had several stops as of now I don't think this truly delays now until it tops and at the point when it tops for this move it will decrease 40 percent I do accept that however, I don't have a clue where that top comes also, if this pace of progress proceeds at that point like I said we could be by mid february uh or early february at the hundred thousand dollar level and afterward we can place in a 40% drop back to fifty 60,000 I don't know by then right that is the entire purpose of an exception move you don't have a clue about everything you can simply state is I don't have the foggiest idea yet this is what could occur and i will be prepared for it what's more, this is the thing that I need to state so this is the thing that we could be doing and at that point we could be delaying or combining for a decent bit of the 2021 period into the mid year months and afterward we proceed and go up towards that top in the last piece of the year furthermore, on the off chance that we return to the month to month outline here here it is and this would be the privilege interpreted october november sort of pinnacle you actually get a similar outcome where we're taking a gander at kind of that top in that 200 000 range plus or minus an incredibly wide edge furthermore, it's hard to state yet we're taking a gander at something sort of like this now throughout the following month right and afterward we drop merge unite and afterward top alright again numbers are subjective they're guides they're not forecasts we're simply exchanging this mainstream upswing take a gander at here it is right well are you going to be astonished with this glance at the upswing it's what we've been discussing from the starting there it is that way is that an astonishment to you it is anything but a shock to me also, this is the thing that i've been put resources into from the earliest starting point and this has been my objective and remains my objective to this date I can't be any more clear than that when we attempt to get too point by point in this investigation you get examination loss of motion you just begin talking again and again and however this is clear mainstream buyer market trust capital inflows institutional inflows long term cycle it's all highlighting me a similar way also, being right on time to this long term cycle its absolutely impossible by they way i'm going to miss out on it getting up to this level so that is where we remain in the four-year cycle okay so is this siphon reasonable I think I recently addressed that question it is economical for the present moment the pace of progress discloses to me that it's economical however, it will arrive at a pinnacle and when it does it should fall back rapidly next not many questions two of these consolidated for what reason are you selling when bitcoin will become the world's save money for what reason did you sell five btc and the more model portfolio at 28 000 at the point when you said it's going more than one hundred thousand so a great deal a few people are confounded by this most are not the vast majority get it be that as it may, I said i'm going to sell uh five bcc which was just 15 of the model portfolio 28k when bitcoin was at 5000 when I was getting it at 4 000. that was my arrangement since it spoke to the underlying cost of the portfolio so I said at the point when we get to 28 that is likely the most dire outcome imaginable in from a danger the board viewpoint I said to myself that in the event that we planned to get a left deciphered cycle that we would get to another time unsurpassed high likely do a 20 move over that and top that was my most awful case situation and all I needed to do was take out the most awful case situation set the underlying cost back in my pocket and afterward be glad that was the primary explanation behind doing that likewise, another explanation behind doing that is again as I depicted as cost gets higher and you have a monstrous open benefit in your position it becomes hard to hold and by taking a little gnawed off a table at a pre-arranged level it feels fulfilling you feel as though you've achieved something you forget about a few which essentially implies you're currently uh hazard free right you you're not danger less on the grounds that you have open benefit you can surrender be that as it may, you can't leave with losing cash from this undertaking so right presently I can't lose regardless of what occurs bitcoin would need to go to zero I actually wouldn't lose and that is amazing situation for me by and by to be in um and I feel better about where we remain there so this one comes up constantly and it's combined with uh individuals advising me again and again that we'll never see 30 rectifications on the grounds that the institutional play is excessively extraordinary and i'm advising you furthermore, I don't care to state in outright terms however I believe you're certainly wrong presently this current move may not give us any 30 decrease to 100 like I just appeared yet it will top also, when it tops it will address 30 percent and organizations won't surge in to purchase since what's going on for sure's going to happen is we will arrive at a point where we will open certain levels in cost that you will get long haul hodlers or diggers or then again even the people even establishments that purchased in that 18 or 20k they will begin to state well we just made 200 or 300 on our cash how about we sell some we should sell all you simply don't have the foggiest idea so you what i'm getting at is you get in a specific way where you do open there's some value revelation that happens you get some more supply opened and you get less interest since sooner or later in the transient it's even institutional people they state we needed to purchase how about we consider it a 100 million dollars’ worth of bitcoin and they couldn't get endorsement board endorsement administrative endorsement whatever the case might be what's more, they needed to purchase a 20 and now it’s sitting at 60. they will re-think they're people also they will begin to state well would we like to purchase now at 60. so the thing i'm getting at is request starts to sooner or later in any event be re-thinking question and supply starts to increment so you will sooner or later need to locate a level uh that authorizes benefit taking what's more, that um then you know in this model 30 btc the cost here is appearing at 30 04 39 200 the portfolio is worth 1.1 million and we're right now sitting on a 1.1 million dollar benefit on the portfolio so for a hundred thousand dollar speculation we're perched on a 1.1 billion dollar benefit and we've covered our underlying expense we purchased clearly 25 bitcoin with a start here purchased another september 2019 at that point purchased another five in walk at the breakdown and just sold as of late five at 28 thousand we actually have 30,000 capital the underlying uh portfolio in danger so I wasn't actually honest when I said bitcoin went to zero i'd lose nothing uh the model portfolio would lose thirty thousand dollars obviously we're not going to get to that point individuals need to understand what my next targets are furthermore, this is the place where it turns out to be profoundly optional I don't have subjective focuses for the remainder of this the first one um was an objective dependent on where the long term cycle may top in a most noticeably awful case situation and furthermore spoke to getting back a ton of my capital the following one be that as it may will be self-assertive uh sorry optional is the word um it will be optional as this goes up and to get directly to the point with you there is a chance and a solid chance that I will sell a few if and here's the condition tune in to it cautiously in the event that we rally to over 65 000 throughout the following not many weeks so without a 30 decay by then I would be looking at conceivably selling 5btc also, the purpose behind that is indeed I do accept we're going up to 150 000 or 200 in this long term cycle however, much the same as the explanation behind selling my initial five btc I think there is an external possibility that and it's just an external possibility that we will be going to a tophere throughout the following a few months possibly around the 90 or 100 000 level and afterward this long term cycle for whatever reason hacks and slashes and cleaves and in the end finds a long term cycle low some place at the thousand dollar level prior to going once more improbable however hello at the point when you're in at 3 700 3800 furthermore, you can take somewhat more of a table I would however again it is reliant on this move proceeding in the event that we get a 30 retracement I would lean toward that at this moment I believe that keeps the buyer market more flawless it takes into account some refilling and a few benefit taking furthermore, I feel that takes into consideration a more practical positively trending market that is more like the 2017 move so here it is here I pull back at the present time is more reasonable and in the event that we get a pullback I would not have a value focus under 100 000 for the for any bitcoin so I trust you gotten that the objective isn't uh it's still optional it's uh it's liquid however I would if this proceeds throughout the following three or four weeks making a beeline for kind of 80 75 80 000 I would be hoping to take five btc off since there's a possibility it's a last move impossible however there's a possibility I do need to see nonetheless a greater amount of that pullback here it is here like we found in 17 a 30 pullback and if we get that at that point returning to the model portfolio it becomes uh gets optional once more furthermore, i'd be searching for six-figure bitcoin previously forgetting about a few alright the following change i will add to this portfolio it hasn't been refreshed in any case, i've concluded that quite possibly we go into some sort of hyper bitcoinization in this cycle and picking a top in that would be practically inconceivable so i'm going to presently designate or devote 10 btc of my portfolio into a never cluster position sorry never sell position consistently cluster position so i've chosen all the more as of late that it most likely from a danger outlook from an potential gain hazard stance from an outlook of consider the possibility that this simply goes and it doesn't think back also, it disregards the long term cycle low or on the other hand it's a little pullback for a few months in a long term cycle so we should take a gander at this imagine a scenario in which it does here's the following four year cycle due imagine a scenario in which it does what's called an extraordinary right interpreted cycle imagine a scenario where it doesn't top until September or then again august of 2022 imagine a scenario where it simply goes what's more, proceeds to go and no doubt i'm talking insane numbers and I try not to accept that is the situation however gone ahead who are we falling here bitcoin I mean this has been an insane encounter an insane venture there isn't anything that truly would shock me so as an as a protection player nearly as i've secured myself on the disadvantage I need to in this climate shield myself from the potential gain furthermore, have 10 btc you needn't bother with more than 10 right in light of the fact that in case we're discussing a circumstance where bitcoin will say directly to 1,000,000 or even two million in this long term cycle having 10 btc you're going to be okay OK also, I don't mean uh 10 uh in an ostensible sense however, it's 10 of your 30 or it's one of your three or on the other hand it's 100 of your 300 so it's a proportion it's essentially keeping 33% of what you have left in the wallet ideally on a multi-sig wallet um not on the overseers well not the overseers while in your control um so i'm keeping that 10 for the potential gain outrageous chance just like I sold five for the extraordinary most dire outcome imaginable i'm saving 10 for the outrageous potential gain situation OK so that will be reflected in the model arrangement of the following not many days going ahead alright this is now turning into a long video so I need to begin to get a move on a smidgen here guidance for the individuals who sold at 20k are as yet uninvolved what's ideal for them you realize I get this inquiry you wouldn't be astonished how regularly I get this more than a few times a day I get I got this when I was uh when I still am intensely associated with gold yet the last gold positively trending market you get this in each positively trending market what do you do I sold and now it's no more up a ton also's, it's simply you're deer in headlights you don't have a clue what to do since you dread by purchasing currently you're purchasing the top what's more, you realize what there's a possibility you will purchase the top particularly in bitcoin at 40. in any case, I was getting posed the inquiry at 18 000. I was getting posed the inquiry at 22 at 28 32 36 all these little levels I was getting asked something very similar what's more, in the event that you just had purchased by then you'd be OK indeed, even now I indicated you a 40 decay is just 23 or 24 000. you actually would have been the benefit on the off chance that you sold at 20 what's more, got back in so my and this likewise relates to uh I don't know whether the inquiry was here I really gathered it with this yet a parcel of individuals inquired I have loved ones they need to get in yet what do I mention to them what do we do well again when the market's up 300 percent in two months there will never be a simple answer to this be that as it may, if bitcoin will be or bitcoin gets to 80 or 100 000 throughout the following month or thereabouts um should you have purchased at 38 000 I think the appropriate response is yes in the event that your objective is the thing that I depicted bitcoin at 150 or 200 or 250 is it an opportunity to purchase currently would you purchase now on the off chance that I advised you bitcoin is going to 200 000 um yet it might experience a 30 decay before at that point also, what might you do I think the appropriate response is you would purchase right so my response to everyone is get a center position you're content with also, OK with get something where you're in you realize you have a balance and a establishment in this space and yet do it purposely realizing that you could insight you will encounter some instability and you could encounter a drawdown of up to 40 in the positively trending market however not to freeze and to understand that that was simply the punishment you paid for either not tuning in or for selling or for not tuning in to your companion or your family at the point when they said to purchase yet you are zeroed in on the four-year cycle top you are centered around 150 to 200 000 bitcoin cost and that is the objective of the venture and on the off chance that you outline it like that it shouldn't be all that troublesome to do how would you stay in position when benefit drops 4 30 40 well I imagine that is the thing that each video has been about hasn't it so return and watch the recordings this is what it's been tied in with comprehension the instability of bitcoin the idea of this market how it can drop 30-40 percent what's more, in the event that you figure you can't deal with it forget about some i've said it previously it's smarter to take some now and see value twofold later on than it is to not take any currently see a 30 or on the other hand 40 decay sell it all and afterward it goes back up that is more regrettable that is 1,000 times more regrettable so take a tad off in the event that you can't handle it yet something else intellectually set yourself up for that chance how would you recognize at the point when the buyer market closes I need to hold through the significant revisions yet positively not the bear mark well obviously this will be 1 000 optional sensation of the market it will help or then again we will have to see a brush off like climate to make it simpler i'm not saying it's simple however it unquestionably is simple when you get the gigantic parabola top move in a market I at any rate actually I think i've experienced enough of them now to be at any rate have the option to distinguish them in constant furthermore, get out very near the top it's the ones that don't give you that out and out pass over that can be troublesome however I think from a there's various things we're going to zero in on here we're going to zero in on time in the four-year cycle i'm not actually set up to engage any top now until at any rate post-summer what's more, almost certain towards the finish of the year and furthermore value i'm not actually arranged to engage a significant top until we get to the six figure range for for bitcoin the most effective method to get ready for a dark swan on btc securing yourself well it's straightforward simply don't you know don't put each and every thing into this I know a few people have everything in this current it's everything's riding on this and it's represent the deciding moment and you realize I need credit to you I mean in the event that I was 22 I would most likely do tI mean on the off chance that I was 22 I would likely do something very similar i'm not 22. i'm in my late 40s um i've fabricated and had an effective profession and um you know it's been it's been beneficial for me i'm in a position where I don't have to chance any longer you realize i've made what I need to make um this will be this is fun this is extraordinary and obviously you know making some more is consistently invited however i'm not going to hazard all that i've done to make more than I need since I don't require truly substantially more so for me actually to respond to this question how would I set myself up well I try not to chance enough where it's going to slaughter me that is straightforward as that also, as you probably are aware from the model portfolio um i've just taken enough off where I try not to try and have any danger in this market any longer I have exchanging hazard I have you know a considerable amount in the exchanging represent bitcoin however it's something very similar um so point here is um in the event that you have something to lose something you've fabricated try not to hazard everything on this absolutely try not to acquire for this I realize you feel it's a once in a blue moon opportunity also, in certain respects it's a clearly a gigantic chance yet however, don't bet everything totally and since it does in it hinders your dynamic measure also, that could wind up harming you in any case once more another technique is to sell a smidgen to a great extent approve of selling somewhat taking huge benefit off the table to permit the rest to develop also, that is significant and afterward what is a practical level to add to a group position well in a perfect world anything before the earlier four year cycle highs I generally said i'm definitely not going to add a solitary dime to bitcoin over 20 000. I think individuals who are adding over 20 000 truly need to get that they've made a few some lovely huge venture botches presently i'm not discussing individuals that are simply getting into this in case you're simply being acquainted with bitcoin obviously you realize you didn't know right in any case, i'm discussing the individuals on the off chance that you were in bitcoin or on the off chance that you've been following it furthermore, bitcoin is at 4 000 6 thousand ten thousand furthermore, presently you wanna add more the as it were pardon for that would be that you have bringing in new cash and you wanna put that to turn out that is great discussing in case you're staying there inert inactive with a counter currently you're similar to ok should I put some more in that to me isn't something that sits well with me from a financial specialist viewpoint I needed to put my portion in right on time and I did and I don't think there is any sensible level at this point except if you're dollar cost averaging you've gone over some new cash you need to give something to do those are where I think it's sensible in any case, sooner or later the awry opportunity at any rate for this long term cycle starts to lessen which means there's more disadvantage hazard and there's less of the potential gain that it was when bitcoin was at 5 000 the potential gain was gigantic the disadvantage was little presently it's not a similar condition it's still slanted to the positive yet it's not the quivalent condition by any means so I trust this video like all the earlier recordings have been supportive this again is from a disclaimer viewpoint my experience my excursion my contemplations the manner in which i'm moving toward it the way i'm exchanging this the manner in which i'm contributing this on the off chance that it causes you that is incredible that is the thing that they're there for I didn't request anything consequently what's more, I won't later on again thanks for being here a debt of gratitude is in order for following I appreciate you I need to wish you once more glad 2021 the very best to you thanks once more fare thee well


Update of 2021 04 15

Half of my portfolio is locked in stable coins or €. If you are a smart one, you should do the same.

There is a potential that we will see a correction right now or in a couple of weeks. As i am a trader, i am ready to reenter the market, but right now i see that leverage trading is dangerous, and spot trading already made me profits i was reaching with s SL profit orders.
There is plenty of potentials to go XBT upward, and even more, room to dive in a big correction. Same and with XRP.
As i understand all situations, this understanding came with trading crypto for more than 8 years, we are in the ending of this bull market run. There is a small opportunity that we will see some massive alt coin session but i doubt of it. Yes we did x3x10 but as it was on 2017 we were doing x100, so for me it is just a pre alt session. But be cautious, there is a chance that we can go into a higher and longer 4 wave of this bull run when the price will slowly decrease and will drain all your earned profits.
Always remember, the trend is your friend. Flat s your enemies.



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