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All right guys, check this out. This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. I am a youtuber. Do not buy a cryptocurrency is just because someone from YouTube said, hey, I liked this. I researched this, I'm investing in this. You should invest in this. Don't do that shit. That's. No, no, no. Do Your own research. Utilize objective thinking and make an informed decision before investing that hard earned money guys. Okay. It's better to be wrong because you made the decision versus being wrong because you listen to someone else just saying so. Alright. So I know there's a huge bloodbath. I didn't do a video yesterday. I got super-duper busy and I'm almost done with certain elements of my mining farm. Um, but there is a bloodbath going on. Everyone's freaking out. I have some answers now. Check this out. It's actually not as far off as we all thought.
We all have been saying market manipulation. I've been saying I'm tired of the Games. I actually put a real strong worded video a couple days ago about how fed up I am with the bullshit. Come to find out, market manipulation actually has played a role in what is going on, but it is actually not being manipulated. Now what is happening is we are seeing the undoing of the manipulation that has already happened and we all kind of suspected this. There's a lot of you guys have commented that my YouTube in the comments section that lists and actually we're not being manipulated now. These are just people freaking out because regulators, you know, there's actually been several people that commented like that. Um, but, and we, for me, if I've always said that, listen, the trillions of dollars are coming this year is different, but it's not going to come until there is some sort of regulation to protect these guys who invest this kind of money and come to find out I wasn't far off either.

So the crypto community, the real crypto enthusiasts, okay, not your, your bears or bulls, your sisters and your Fomo is. I'm talking about your real crypto enthusiasts. The ones who want to find real answers, not conspiracy theories. You want to use a logic, not emotion. We are all not far off, so I'm going to share that with you. The information I got from our favourite people at peanut butter chips, PBC, peanut butter chips, fat booty chips, whatever you want to call it, no pun intended to saying I'm going to share that with you guys. You guys want to see this now? All I ask is share this video. Please share this video so we can get some accurate information out there and get rid of all the bullshit and conspiracies and, uh, John McAfee's and all that crap. Please share this video after I share the content with you and we'd go over this information and also hit the common.
Sorry, hit the like button. Hit that subscribe button and please put a comment down. I get back to almost every single one of my comments. Alright, so let's dig into this. As I said, we are seeing a bloodbath right now. I suspect that we will see some sort of a rebound tonight. I, I'm, I, I don't, I don't think it's going to be like dramatic, you know, I don't think it be like a 10 or 20 or 30 percent and rebound, but I suspect that tonight we will see some sort of a rebound. Um, and you're already starting to see a little bit of that with the alt coins. Okay. Seeing a little bit of that with the old coins. And it usually, it doesn't always start with bitcoin. You starts with some of these little altcoins first, but keep her eyes on it.
I think we'll see a little of rebound, don't get your hopes up for a bull run of it, anything like that. But I do think we'll see some traction tonight, a very minimal. But I do think we will. Um, my primary thought for that is yesterday we were in the $4,000,000,000 range for our 24 hour volume and I've been watching it today is as, as it's gone down, I've seen more volume. We've, we were actually at a five point 1 billion at one point today. It looked like it was going to hit five point two, so there's definitely some things happening so it definitely keep your eyes on that. Don't write off bitcoin just yet. Now before I get into the information that was shared with you, this is pretty cool. The RSI, um, the relative strength index is actually at its lowest, um, since 2016 according to this article.
So basically, you know, theoretically speaking, uh, based off of all traditional models, based off of all traditional logic in the world of investments trading and trend analysis, chart analysis, or even call it, we should have found the bottom to sell off. Should it be over. Okay? Should be, don't forget, this is cryptocurrency, but this is a pretty interesting article. I'd definitely say it's a good read. And uh, you should definitely look at it. Now, let's dig in to the important stuff. Now. This is something from our favourite people at the, um, you know, peanut butter chips, crypto bloodbath. Well, unless you've been lying on a rock, you've seen the last four or five days in a cryptocurrency market has just been an absolute bloodbath. Now our favourite people, you guys can read through this, but basically he's, he's, he, what he is saying is he is seeing a repeat and what was seen, uh, in the nineties, uh, with things such as Nasdaq and now he is giving credit to the CFTC.

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Now I'm going to summarize this. You can read this if you want to, but the CFTC basically regulates commodities, has gone after the bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchanges. And basically each of them have said, no, we're not going to comply with, you know, we're not going to give you our data. So the CFTC says, well, my Dick is bigger than yours and I'm going to show you. And what happens is they slap them with eight investigation in a for manipulation. Now when you've got this saying that they are going to an investigator for manipulation, that raises a lot of red alerts. Not for people like you and I or maybe some of you out there. Maybe someone out there who's listening is some sort of a asshole manipulative. Well, who's been playing the market? And the exchanges, maybe, I don't know, I don't know if I'm that power.
I don't know if I'm that popular of a YouTube channel yet to get that kind of attention. But basically with that being said, it is a no brainer. The manipulation has happened. There are entities out there including exchanges who have been manipulating the price of crypto currency. What happens when you went to a government agency says, hey, we're going to find you. I'm going to kill you. I'm not kidding. Not going to kill you, but you know, we're going to find you. We're going to do something about it. You know what I mean? When to call you out, I'm pressing charges. We're going to hit some fines. They're going to sell out, they're going to pull out, they're going to cover their tracks. And that is essentially what we are seeing is the undoing of the MIP and it's already happening. I mean it, it seems like we're having now, but it's making more sense to, to, to, to kind of put this in perspective, the people that.
The bullshit that was already in place because there was no regulation, there was no reason to be compliant. There's no reason to play by. The rules have to now undo what they've done to cover their tracks and avoid being the cross air of the CFTC. That makes more sense now as far as the theory, it was like, okay, so what about the rest are cryptocurrencies now?

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We Know Eos owns a lot of ethereum tokens and there's a fear that eos might start dumping. It's either that's caused the downturn also in the price. Now this is something that has to happen with the CFTC, the CFTC is coming in and cleaning up the market. It has to because no one is going to get pension funds risk. Billions of dollars in a market that is easily manipulated. I completely agree. You guys completely agree. I've been saying this over and over and all my videos, institutional money won't come in without regulation, but this is putting it more into perspective as to why.
Okay guys, now he does talk about the institutional framework and gets into more detail, so this is a big deal and I don't know why anyone hasn't really key off on this. In my telegram group, I kind of mentioned this and I know one is seeing the importance of this. I am. I am seeing the value in this and if your ears aren't opening, need to open it right now. Okay, and pay attention. Coinbase just launched its index fund. It's open for investment. This is directly from a story that is posted. Coinbase says, we've seen overwhelming interest from investors since we announced the fund earlier this year. At this stage, we have opened the fund to those who wish to invest $250,000 to 20 million, so you're either an institution or an accredited investor in order to get involved with this and it's going to be a market cap weighted index of some of the biggest coins in the market and they only gets better.
Guys only gets better then coinbase acquires a financial services firm. It's going to become an sec regulated broker dealer. This is the largest exchange in the world. Tens of millions of customers are going to become regulated. That includes you. If you use coinbase right now. If coinbase is your Go to buy crypto currencies, guess what? You are going to be compliant with the SEC. Your information will be shared with the SEC. If so requested along with the IRS. It's going to happen. This regulation is going to happen. I know a lot of us don't like it, but it's true. Now, I've done a video about this next part about Scis Kohana. Gina says Gahanna, however you say it, at global trading and technology from one of the largest firms world that has opened up bitcoin trading. Now this is gigantic. Fucking huge, like you can't really quantify how, how, how big this is, and as he says, Google it, Google the company and Google how big they are.
This is big freaking news. Now, there is a guy named Mike Novogratz that was interviewed just recently, June fifth or June 10th. Excellent interview. They ask him point blank. Is it over? Was that boom that we saw? Was that the boom that we saw in 2017 and he said that was the retail boom that we saw in 27, 17. You said we have yet to see the institutional boom. Actually it called. He actually called it the institutional Fomo boom and says that bitcoin that. Sorry. I'm so excited. I can't even fucking read straight that boom. We'll take this market to $20,000,000,000,000. $20,000,000,000,000. Now as you say that to yourself. Okay, I, I'm, I'm a serious. As you're looking at this, as you say, $20,000,000,000,000 to yourself, I want you to take your pinkie and stick it over your mouth. Like Dr. evil $20,000,000,000,000. Okay, now that's huge.
We, I've been saying trillions. Everyone's been saying truly, and I've been feeling good about trillions. That's huge, but the institutional framework has got to be in place for this to happen. It's that the money's not going to come in without it and the and the framework is being built. Okay? And we can see the people lining up to put their money in Scis, Kahana, Suskia, however you say that Golden Sachs credit gets desk. By the way, don't forget about that. I've done a video on that to Golden Sachs opening a bitcoin trading desk. Come on. Coinbase becoming a regulated broker dealer. Coinbase is going to be the Nasdaq of the crypto world. You just watch. You just freaking watch. And we could see it with. They just put in new filings for a bitcoin ETF. And that Bitcoin ETF is for $200,000. By the way. It's huge. And Thomson Reuters is now creating indexes.

Attract 100 crypto funds. The pieces are starting to come together. I completely agree. I can. This is what? This is right here. This is me right here. This is me scrutinizing. This is me taking this and looking at it and, and, and, and scrutinizing it. This is like Reader's digest, right? Crypto reader digest. This is what I'm doing right now, but hello guys. This is giant. Okay. I really feel okay. And there's more information to basically say that there is going to be something happening now by the end of the year, we've got some things are going to be put into play here. Coinbase is launching its own custody solution and again, Bloomberg interview with Novogratz, uh, that the one that he did he say believes that there will be some sort of consortium of audience of Wall Street custodians that will launch a project later this year. So everything we need to propel high, higher is in place.
Okay. But the thing is, big money moves slow. Okay? Big money moves slow. We have to be patient. The framework is in place. And if you've been watching my channel and following my channel, I've already been saying this shit not to this detail. I mean all the little elements that are friends that peanut butter, peanut butter chips. Okay. Fat booty cheeks, a peanut butter cookies. How are you guys like to say it? I've already been putting videos out about things like this. All those elements before they've even really kind of put all them together and made them all make, make, make sense? Okay. I just sort of refresh and see how we're seeing a little bit more volume. I'm telling you, I think tonight we're going to see a bounce and I don't think it's going to be don't. It's not going to be gigantic, but anyhow, all the pieces are there.
They are there. I've been beat this in your guys' heads on this channel for a long time. I know that this year didn't pan out the way we thought it was, but this year is not a. it's not just us playing in the playground anymore. We've got these big boys in there. We've got these institutional investors and there are certain things that have to happen before they come and play and we've seen these things happen with Nasdaq and go research. Amazon research, Amazon and its beginnings. They went through this same exact growing pains that we in the crypto market are feeling right now. This is not new. This is something that happens for every great project and this is truly, we are truly at that phase where fortunes are going to be made. Guys, fortunes are going to be fucking made. I mean, if you are a crystal and you have a strong hand, strong hands and a strong mind and you're not selling shit.
Okay, and this isn't financial advice. That's just my opinion, my opinion. If you are not one of those was just sitting there saying, oh my God, I can't do this. All my God, all that red. Oh my God, I'm on 500, a thousand, $10,000 below what I bought. Oh my God, I'm just going to sell 'em out. This is over. Sorry guys, the guys and the women with the biggest balls, right? Fucking [inaudible]. What are you want to call them? Okay. They're the ones who are going to make fortunes. I'm just saying that's just my personal opinion. And now guys, I know those videos longer than normal. Please share this video. Let's, let's try to get some good information out there. Let's try to get some shit out there. That makes sense. Something that we can kind of, I don't know. Make sure our community is not just so you know, full of Shit. You know what I'm saying guys? Anyhow, I really appreciate everyone who watches. Please share, please comment, please like, please subscribe. Peace out.


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