Bitcoin is manipulated.

I'm very bullish on bitcoin. I will be the first one to tell you that bitcoin could to tomorrow drop to a thousand dollars. We have things like tether, which is a disease that if that goes down, the prices go down, in my opinion, will be very temporary, but I do feel bullish about bitcoin overall.


I really feel we're going to see a 25 to $50,000 bitcoin by the end of this year. So many things need to happen before that happens, right? We have to have some regulation. You've got to get this, some etfs. We've got to get some lightning network because a lot of things need to fall in place to achieve that. Those things are falling in place. Now before we get into this video and I share with you some really bullish fucking just great shit, and even some information from Palm Beach confidential, which you guys need to read this.

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It covers the conspiracies of crypto currency. Like it's pretty interesting. I'm actually glad to see that they are recognizing the bullshit. Um, so yeah, I'm going to start off by playing eclipse. So the cvoe right now has applied for an etf through the SEC. Now the CFTC granted the CBO and the cme, the futures contracts, right? I firmly believe the cvoe will be one of the first to actually get the ETF and I'm going to play you a clip of why I suspect that now this is a clip from the sec and the CFTC Senate hearing from earlier this year. If you haven't watched this, you need to watch it. Okay, and if you haven't watched it and allowing you to watch it again because if you see what the market is currently doing, you'll see that this meeting was not a waste of time and it was actually very productive for the market, but there's one piece in here and wants you guys to pay attention to and now they cover this several times. Okay? Through various avenues. But I want you to pay attention to this next part and allowing, for example, futures trading on bitcoin and I just wonder you. You've allowed future trading contracts on bitcoin yet we've. The SEC is not allowed ets. I'm just worried that we need a much more coordinated effort because I think the potential writ large amongst crypto assets and the underlying blockchain could be as transformational as wireless was years ago. And I think we're going to need a much more coordinated effort. I know my time is expired, but if you could both quickly comment on that. I appreciate it.

I, I believe it is critically important that we coordinate on this. I, I, I believe that we are all both individually, individually and collectively understanding our authorities, understanding this new technology, working, parking around it. There was a communication amongst myself, chairman Clayton, the treasury secretary and others connection with bitcoin futures. And you know, bitcoin futures have dumped, are, are quite different than the bitcoin market. The bitcoin is an anonymous area. Bitcoin futures is fully transparent to the regulator. Bitcoin, retail, bitcoin futures, mostly institutional and high net worth. No, I'm a bitcoin futures regulated, a bitcoin futures regulated, bitcoin unregulated. And with bitcoin futures, we're now having visibility into underlined spot markets and data from those markets that we would not otherwise half completely agree on coordination. Like I said, I break it down into three areas. There's now he very clearly said that what the futures market, they obtained data they not they would have not have otherwise obtained the futures market, was a blessing. The reason that the cftc one ahead and allow the futures market was because of the fact they needed data, the best way to get data of how the bitcoin markets and the things that they don't understand was to allow the futures and it was a success, a massive success this sec and the CFTC. Both obtained information that take they deem is priceless and invaluable as far as the crypto currency market scopes now because the CBO, he went in there and actually did the futures and shared their data with the CFTC and the sec wasn't 100 percent compliant with them and making sure to put light and all the dark spaces of bitcoin and the markets. Because of that, I firmly feel that they cbo, he will get this etf that they're asking for.


Without a doubt. I have no doubt that they will get that ETF. Look at what he said. There was a transparency that the CBO he offered to the CFTC to make this project work and a lot of money was made and even more money's going to be made, so I firmly believe that the FCC will grant the ETF to the CBO he 100 percent and it's going to be something like what happened with the futures market. There's going to be a level of transparency, insight, put some light on the dark spaces that we don't see. I really feel is going to come in now, but you weren't aware of this. This is bullish news and it's something you definitely need to check out and see for yourself as far as like the rest of bitcoin news out there. It's, it's, it's nothing but bullish. Nothing but bullish.

Even with a down market, you know, $22, billion dollars did disappear from the market, but even in a down market, yeah, there's some people saying some shit, but there's nothing. Mike Buresh, everything is bulleted. Everything's optimistic. There's a lot of optimism in the market right now. Now in that sec hearing, the CFTC chairman said something that I think we all need to pay attention to. He was talking about one of his mentors was mentors. You know, they're talking about the market going up and down. He started laughing and one of the senators who you have something you want to add, and he said, yes, I do. Actually, it tells a story about how one of his mentors told him they're looking at the markets extremes, ups and extreme downs. Well, it's real simple. Has Mentor used to tell the chairman, real simple today the market is up because more people are buying and they're selling.

The next day of the market is down. The simple today, the market is down because more people are selling than they are buying and the CFTC chairman goes into libraries that the media and pundents are always looking for an explanation. One of the explanation is more than likely something very, very simple. People either buying or they're selling it is not as simple as a. As a simple piece of of, of, of news. What I mean, there's not always an answer other than people want to buy or people want to sell and I reason I'm bringing that up is I know there's a lot of bullish news and we see last bullish news. Everyone's probably thinking, well, why aren't we at 10,000 simple? People aren't buying it now. Yes, there's other bullshit out there. Okay. There's a lot of otc trades that have happened and they're flooding the market.

I feel that the OTC bitcoin is. Is, is running out now. Another piece of bullish news before we get into the palm beach research groups, conspiracy, someone cover the lightening network now, payment service, coin gate launches, big lightening network pilot for 100 merchants. That's. That's a pretty big deal. That's, that's, that's very bullish. What I mean lightening it. Here's the thing was you guys. I'll see about lightning network that a lot of people take it for granted. You're seeing integration, you're seeing adoption and you're seeing utilization. It's not just there, it's not just, you know, people having mental masturbation as people actually taking initiative. People actually making stuff happen. Lightning network is going to change. Bitcoin and now, yeah, it's going to make it easier to transact with, but I think also on top of that with light coin taking the lightning network also I think in my opinion is going to be the gold and one's going to be the cash, but we're going to be able to transfer and move gold easily.

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It's going to be. I Don’t know, it's just low fees. Speed. I, you know, adoption. I don't know. I, I can't, I, I, I'm s my think about lightening network and I think about what the effects it's going to have on bitcoin. Like it hurts me, it hurts my brain. It literally, it hurt my brain. If you think of how big this actually is, I'm not saying it's solves a global problem yet. Not yet, but what I'm saying is it gets US started. Truly started. So bullish news, we get etf, bullish news, Lightening Network, we've got bullish news. Everything is bullish. So if you're looking at the prices today, don't flip. Now I want to talk to you guys also about what Palm Beach Research Group has recently shared. They actually are a little bit, not entirely, a little bit on the conspiracy train, just a little bit and I love how they pretty much play this out now.

The article starts off with all the critics, George sorrells, jp Morgan, Goldman Sachs, all these guys called the big winner, fraud bubble and Ponzi scheme, but every one of these entities have seek where at one point secretly buying until they were openly buying. People fell into their bullshit trap. People bought into the bullshit. Now take. It kind of starts off with the old TV show on Hbo deadwood and kind of talks about some of the. A plot and action that happened there and kind of related to crypto. I'll let you guys read that for yourself. It's going to be the link for this article down below so you can read it yourself, but the thing that I find the most interesting is how he highlights. Every day we hear about the process, the SEC cracking down on cryptocurrencies, the CFTC, you know, a new investigation. We here, JP Morgan Chase saying they're going to fire people and Blah, blah, blah.

We hear all this crazy, crazy shit, right? All this things happening and people reacting and bands and endless investigations, ceaseless drumbeat of negativity from traditional press. The part that gets me is he's absolutely right about something. Guess what? It's working. It's working. Institutions are getting the best prices on crypto since mid-2017 while the average investor is panic selling. Big investors are buying and I had been saying it and saying it and saying it and nobody wants to believe me. I've been saying institutional money is coming this year and I've even said it several times. I really believe that institutional money is already here already, but they're just behind the scenes and a lot of us right now are too blinded by the bullshit to actually see what's happening, you know, which is which is good. Now crypto wealth is being rigid, redistributed, and this is a big part of the article that I find the most fascinating.


Over the last 90 days, we've seen some of the biggest investors in the world flood into Cryptos, Wall Street Investment Bank. Goldman Sachs announced that it would launch a crypto trading desk, Sakina the twelfth largest trading firm in the world by volume announced at which starts trading cryptos to the firm even went as far as creating its own custody company to hold its cryptos. Okay. Billionaire investor, George Soros, one of the world's greatest money-makers, gave the green light to his team to buy Cryptos coinbase, one of the world's largest crypto exchanges, launched a crypto index fund for wealthy investors and institutions, financial services company, State Street, and it's said it's considering acting as a custodian for Bitcoin. Straight street has two point 7 trillion under management Wellington capital with over 1 trillion assets under management stated its intention to start trading bitcoin. The Rockefeller family is venture capital firm. Ven rocks at it is also buying cryptos.

Wow. I mean, come on, come on, you guys. Anyone right now who is doubting anyone right now who is freaking out?

Anyone else right now who is just in the dumps and doesn't really see what's going to happen and who calls bitcoin check coin or dumped coin or crap coin and all that shit. That is short sighted as hell and you have fallen into the trap. The manipulation is real. Those who are selling and panicking, those are the victims. Those are true victims. The ones who are prospering are ones who could see past the bullshit and are buying and huddling. Okay. To saying, guys, I just want to put that out there. Anyhow, that's all I got for today. I figured I share nothing. Bullish News. Yeah. You know, a lot of people say, Oh, you're just shelling and blah, blah, blah. No, I'm stating the fucking facts. There's good news out there. That's all there is out there and all this other bullshit. It's a trap. You falling into it being straight up. Fucking manipulate it. Just saying. Anyhow, thanks for watching. I appreciate everyone who comments, likes and subscribes. Please hit that like button. Please subscribe. Peace out.


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