How Bitcoin may reach 65 k in 2018? 

Is it possible that Bitcoin will be worth more than 250 k in a 5 year?

Alright guys, so $65,000 I had her, that's why I said $65,000. That is the latest claim coming from tica toward from Palm Beach. Actually rephrase that. Fat Booty, cheeks. PBC. Okay. That is the latest claim coming from that entity saying that $65,000 bitcoin by the end of this year. Like I really wonder. I mean has this guy lost his mind? He bought, but he definitely provided the information to back it up. I did my research, my diligence and it's true. It is true. I will share that with you guys in this video. Now here's the question. Do we really, really, really long talk about the market doesn't really matter right now my opinion, it does not. Is this a correction? Could be. Is it because there are some fun out there? Could be. I really don't care right now. Right now, short term, what's happening today? What's happening tomorrow doesn't matter to me.



I'm more concerned about what is the end result when our little pieces that are in play coming together. Now there is a crypto right now that we are going to cover real fast before I dig into the 65 k, a prediction here is stellar. IRT ripple ripple is one of those things that you love it or you hate it, and if you love it, you really fucking love it and you hate it. You like, almost despise it. Now my stance on ripple is you can make money off of it. I will say that absolutely 100 percent can make money off of it. Um, I do not. I am not. I'm a fan of the ripple project. I am not a fan of the XRP token. And I'm about to raise the hairs about to set the fire and all about the pis, gasoline all over this thing.

Now I was having. Here we go, comments section. The XRP token is useless. It truly is useless. There has been two and now a third security's a security style lawsuit against ripple because of the XRP token. Yes, they can take a lot of the market share from swift. You. Everybody's right about that 100 percent. But the thing that most ripple holders keep keep ignoring, and I, I wonder if it's more of an emotional thing versus a logical thing, is the fact that the partners with ripple create their own tokens and use their own tokens on the ripple platform and don't use the XRP token. The xrp token is used as a fundraiser platform. I mean, that's just what it is. It's a securities. You know what I mean? It's not a utility because of how many of the partners create their own tokens. Yes. I'm going to waiting for you guys. I'm waiting for you in comments section. I know you guys are fixing the ripple goes. You love ripple and Xrp. Everyone's going to have their opinions, but I'm just telling you, God, I'm just telling you. But here, let's take a look at something real fast.

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This is from Nasdaq. Okay. This is from Nasdaq fricking a publications here. Magazine ripple bears the brunt of more legal drama. Okay? Third time. Certainly not the charm. And the blockchain verse ripple Xrp and the CEO Brad Garlinghouse, got buried deep in legal scandal after landing a third securities fraud lawsuit in three months. Guys, the allegation this time price manipulation to turn a profit. Now this is a whole new oral of lawsuit for these guys. The first two are definitely security's addressing this very same thing I said in the beginning. It's not a utility has been used as a securities. You put your money in with a promise of making more money afterwards. The token itself is not utilized. It is not utilized in the actual platform. Okay? Now, um, the part that really kind of emphasizes that, okay, if you look. All right, if you look at, we'll kind of skim through, um, where should we start turning the.

Screw this, the, the, the, the turning to the screener This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We caught a bug buzzy market stats in the crypto verse. How does the current Snapshot Look Ripple? It does not help that the crypto market drained a colossal 20 billion yesterday. At the time of writing ripples, price dropped to forty four cents. That's a steep 33 percent crash from May 17th when the price was at least sixty six cents and certainly a far cry from the highs of January. Fourth ripple roared up to $2 and 70, 73 percent report. Investors have grid other teeth through almost an 84 percent plummet in just six months. Now the issue is the biggest issue is, and the reason that we looked at the other two lawsuits, ripple obtained, yes, obtains massive amounts of partnerships and with those partnerships and those testings, the Xrp token should see more utilization, but that's not the case because what the more utilization, more of the utilization, the coin, the price should be at least stable if not increasing in value, especially for the amount of transactions that the partners actually do.

Just some food for thought. Now I'm going to let you guys find this article. Actually, I'll put this article at the. I'll put a link for it in the description of this video. I'm just not looking forward to it. Ripple fans are like, Nah, I can't even say it because ripple fans or more. I will say the ripple. Um, investors, they are seem to me like a lot of them are emotionally invested because of the promise of money. I agree with ripple project is going to make money. I just don't have faith in XRP token, but they're not as ignorant as the verge verge investors. So, um, yeah, I, that's, that now. Now where should we go next? Oh, wait a second. You know what, before we go into 65 k bitcoin, let's kind of paved the way to, uh, to where bitcoin's going. Real fast investor.

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But six point 3 million on bitcoin to beat Berkshire hathaway. So there is a big coin. Well, I guess you can say, um, whereas his name CEO Tom Waterhouse said that unnamed investor wishes to bet eight point $5 billion Aud, which is six point 3 million USD, standing to net one point 2 billion if proven right, have put him in touch with large syndicated hope he can get set. Waterhouse said. So basically what he is saying is that the price of a bitcoin will see the price of a Berkshire hathaway share, which is a $280,000 right now by 20, 23. Oh my God. I mean this is one of those situations where, you know, you think about what Warren Buffett has said and anyone from Berkshire hathaway has said about Bitcoin is just one of those moments like, okay, you know, put. Yeah, put your money where your mouth is because there's this one thing I love.

There's this quote I love is a, what's the bullshit walks and money talks, you know what I'm saying? Or money talks and bullshit walks out of the way you want to put it. Let's see. I'd like to see if it takes that bet. I really do. I like to see him. He takes that bet because I, I feel that, uh, I feel if this news on fixing to share with you guys actually happens, I think a $280,000 per bitcoin would be seeing somewhere around 20, 21, 20, 22 probably before 20, 23. That'd be my bed. I wish we could all chip in on this. Get like little, little little piece of the pie in this one because that might be a nice little pot to get. I don't know, but. All right, let's dig into the reason you guys. What you guys are waiting for now.

This is a transcript update. All right. Now at um, let's go right here. Recent announcement. I'm coming at you today because there was an announcement that has just come out just like last year as being completely ignored and the market basically this announcement is about the CBO etf. Now a lot of other entities, I've tried to put an etf out there and have not succeeded and here's why they say this one's going to happen. And I did my research as very true. I have to admit it. It's very true. Now, the one main argument that the Sga Sec sec had against approving an ETF was a lack of global regulatory rules running crypto and crypto exchanges. Now, this was recently refuted by the decision about Japan and South Korea to regulate their crypto exchange markets. Good News. The other biggest exchange market, so the two biggest markets are regulated now are. 

Yeah. So. Well that's, that's good. And then the second issue, the SEC had expressed concern was the lack of insurance for crypto investors. What happens if there's a hack? What happens with the private keys? Get lost? What's going to happen to the investor, to the investors that put money in this? The key factor, I believe that separates the buoys application from everybody else's is that the coe has stated it has secured insurance for the investors and I believe it. I've definitely done my research on that. You guys should definitely dive into that also. But because of that there's protection, there's protection for the institutional money that comes in this, which is what they like. They don't like to lose. And that's the thing about crypto. Either you have it or you don't. I, um, I think he's right, but he feels certain he feels certain that because of that, that this etf is going to go through.

He's very. Feels very certain. And with that assumption, okay, with that certainty, I guess you could say he's saying that we're going to see a $65,000 bitcoin, so 10 to 10 x from where we are right now at 10 X. right? So that's about 65 grand. Sixty or 60 grand. That's it. Goes six grand. And keep it simple. Okay. That's, that's huge news guys. That's absolutely huge fricking news. And I have been saying ETF, ETF, I've been saying it like ever since I started this channel that, you know, there's an ETF pendings and, and I really think this one's going to go through. This is just another reason. My primary reason though, the primary reason I feel like this etfs and go through that was not necessarily just because of the fact that there's insurance. It's because I have you looked at the video I did previously, the cvoe was very transparent with the CFTC or the a and the sec, um, with their data about bitcoin.

And both the regulatory agencies were able to get data and understand the markets in ways they never would have been able to understand if the futures market wasn't so transparent with them. I think that transparency has earned them trust, made big friends and I think that the CBO, we will continue to give that level of transparency to the regulators, allowing them pretty much free reign. I don't know, that's just my thoughts. You know what I mean? I mean if you just look at it from a business sense of more of a practical sense versus looking for some sort of information out there that says this. I mean it's very obvious, you know, if, if, if friendships, partnerships that have been relationships that yields more success than just having tools or weapons or assets in your belt. So I don't know, that's just my thoughts.

Anyway guys. That's all I've got for today for all. You guys will love ripple xrp. I'm ready. Go ahead and lay it on me. And if you haven't yet, please comment like, and subscribe to the channel. Greatly. Appreciate it guys. Anyhow, thanks for watching. Peace out.

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