Black Rock news are old but BTC fly but CoinBase news may help Bitcoin Fly

Do Your own research, utilize objective thinking and make an informed decision. All right, this is your hard earned money. Don't buy any of this shit. Trust your own judgment. Trust your own opinions. If you want to take a consideration what I or someone else where YouTube says good, but test it, question it, weigh it, measure it. All right guys. Now I'm not saying I'm prophecy. All I'm saying is on my channel. I do the best I can to give good information. Like I really worked my ass off on this and a lot of a lot of you fuckers out there want to sit there and write this hateful, toxic as comments about, oh, why don't you do your own research, blah, blah, blah. Well, if, because I am doing my own research and when I find things I find anything, any kind of resources or information available, I share it now in March when I was just a little green horn, green pea, new noob, whatever the fuck you want to call me on YouTube.


I did a video on march 13, world's largest investor interested in crypto currency at BlackRock. I did the video on that March 13th saying, these guys are interested. They are putting a team together to look into this. This is huge. Yes, I know around that time. Let's talk about the $5,000,000,000,000 injection, but a lot of things in 2018 are actually happening as we all thought they would. They're just not happening the way we would like them to. This market crash is not actually crash. It's a cleansing. We need this cleansing for Wall Street and other institutions to get in this $5,000,000,000,000 injection. I think that's actually grossly underestimating what's actually coming in. Just my thoughts, but I'm telling you, there's a lots happening. Lots happening. Uh, lots. Lots have been bitcoin jumps. As black rock looks into crypto and blockchain. This is not new news.

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This is just now like coming out and people are utilizing this as a catalyst. I mean, come on. Are you fucking kidding me? This is not new. We've already talked about this. I've already put this out there. The information was. I mean, I might that almost saying I'm special. I found the information. I shared it, other already knew about it. This kind of goes, goes to show you that those were really diehard into this actually know about this shit. Like, think about this on my channel. I've been preaching about etfs. I've been preaching about the SEC and regulatory framework is coming in preaching and it's all happened. And only thing that hasn't happened in a lot of you guys are calling me out on, which I understand is to trillions of dollars haven't come in yet, Mr. Wait. But things like this is big. I'm glad this is out in the mainstream media.

Um, I'm just kind of frustrated at the know people are blaming this as a catalyst is not the catalyst right now. There's really not enough. How can you say, there really is not enough money in our markets to really, um, through the calls and the kind of real board. And even if he hit 7,000, one says, oh, seven thousands. That emotional figure, if we hit 7,000, that is not a catalyst is not. That doesn't mean we're gonna have a bull run. Even if you have a $7,000 Bitcoin, maybe a volume of $7, billion dollars is not, it is not going to be the catalyst. It's not going to be the thing that starts to bore and there is not enough. Not Enough. That's not enough of a reason. Twenty 18 has been a humbling experience. People have gotten wiser, more conservative and more patient. They're not just going to sit there and rally because the thing is up.

7,000 is not a emotion number at 7,500 is not an emotion number. We need a true catalyst. We need a reason. We need, we need black rock to say, okay, we're putting in a trillion dollars. We need something like that. And then speaking of catalyst, there's talk a little bit more. Now, this is kind of deviating this lead a bit, um, from the catalyst conversation. I wanted to touch base on this because I know this was three days old. I mean many of you already know this. Coinbase has exploring support for Cardinal Bat Stellaris cash knocks. Now I invest in Cardona obesity in stellar. Uh, I don't do as the cash I invest in, I invest in Zen cash and as he cash is just as good as their project, but damn, I said that in one breath. Good, good at this. But I have to do it. I'm sorry I'm going to sharp fork and actually a fork that the, the, the prongs on there, like uneven because some of, to some are in that system.

Noxious, poking you with that fork. XRP is not there. My last video got a lot of fucking hate about how xrp token is going to be the greatest and take over the world and knocked down p coin and all that shit because I'm. They got stellar lumens on their Xlm, you know, that's what it is. They're idiots. They just don't know what the hell are talking about. Right? XRP is the greatest. That's right now. Come on guys. Come on. Come on. XRP token is not on there for a reason, but coinbase is full of some bullish fucking newsletter. Coinbase gets regulator approval to list digital coins considered to be securities. I'm really in a lot of ways kicking some ass and other ways. I'm not a fan of coinbase, just letting you know I, I mean, I appreciate what they're doing for the community. I will not take that away from them.

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Coinbase is truly getting in their hard-core. I just don't. I'm not a fan of coinbase and the sense of Crypto to crypto community. I guess you could say feel like coinbase is really making the shift to the dark side, you know, more traditional stance, more traditional policies, more centralized. I'm after what they did with the irs. I mean I was really disappointed in that. I was very disappointed that and how they're more transparent with regulators. I know it's. I know it's necessary. I do agree, yes, it's a necessary evil, but it was more reasons. Their fees and whatnot. Just structure. I'm just not a fan, but again, yes. I'm grateful for the dorm, for the community. This is huge fricking news. This right here. Again, that's something that solidifies our, our future and crypto. You know, those trillions of dollars. This is, this is the, this is the segue to that shit man.

Now again, it Kind of goes over the good news about that they're exploring five new coins does not guarantee that they're going to reenlist and don't forget that a theorem classic is going to pick it up. You put on there so that Erc 20 token is a powerful thing. Absolutely is super, super, super duper impressed by that. Now, where shall we go? I guess the last bit of Bush news I should throw out there comes from Bloomberg frenzy to get bitcoin etf listed is clogging at the sec. Is email a regular, have comments from 90 individuals who just three weeks all the rules are getting responses. I'm pushing for a bitcoin fund. It is crazy. I told you guys I've been saying and preaching etf for a long time. I know. I knew the CBO. He would get far with it. I knew once I heard about the CBO etf, it would get it was going to make it through and it's gone and get approved.

I've said it before. Anyone else like, oh, maybe someone else said it before me, but I just know that I, I put it out before palm beach confidential. Did I can brag about that? Yeah. Like, yeah, once you like, you know, stick that in your juice box deacon from on that. But. And uh, in three weeks since the stcs for feedback and our CBO CBO, Global Markets Inc, request to change this listing rules and allow crypto exchange traded fund, more than 90 individuals who have submitted comments. That's 10 times the number of responses to the sec or for you received it when it asks for opinions on another big coin etf listing back in April that are hyper enthusiasm is spilling over into other areas of regulation. For example, 19 of 21 comments on the agency's Decade, decade in the making a Broadway theatre or pleading for Bitcoin Fund.

And that proposal doesn't mention Bitcoin crypto or blockchain have any on any of his 286 pages. So damn, that's good. The SEC has spent much less 12 months damping and this is a big thing. This is a big thing because there has, there has been a, a pretty, pretty respectable amount of etfs. I think at one point there was 15 different etfs out there. Now the SEC has spent much of the last 12 months damping attempts to bring a bitcoin etf market at the current cheese percipient Tam. What is wrong with my reading skills climb to more than 18,000. Last year, the commission in January asked who would be issuers to pull the applications and asset managers could answer a series of questions on custody, liquidity, market manipulation, valuation and arbitrage. The currency essence fallen to around $6,000. Although it's rolling a Monday now. I feel again, this fall is not really a crash.

That's a cleansing, but this is good news. They're going to get it. I did a video on this not too long ago on why they're going to get it, and I really feel the primary reason why the CBO is going to get it. Without a doubt. I know they're going to get it. I haven't played a video clip of the, uh, commission in front of a Senate, um, where they actually said if it wasn't for the futures market, they wouldn't have gotten so much data on the crypto market itself. So because of the CVO was transparent in aiding the sec and the CFTC and their understanding of the crypto market, it would, it's just, it's just a no brainer. It's an absolute no fucking brainer that CBO is going and get this etf and we're going to be seeing those trillions of dollars. That's all I've got for tonight guys. I appreciate you guys watching. Thanks for watching. Peace out.


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