Is it a new Bitcoin Bull run?

I've been calling for this now for many months and finally it seems we are getting it and in fact we're getting it just about a couple of weeks, perhaps a week or two after we expected this to happen and as you can see here, bitcoin is finally getting follow through. That's the thing we're looking for. Follow through and we're getting it. As you can see here, bitcoin has finally taken out of the resistance levels and guess what? The pulse signal that I've been watching here is finally going the other way. You can see the momentum; the momentum shifts on the pulse. You can see that momentum histogram is going the other way. We're getting from negative to less negative. I think this pulse eventually is going to fire to the upside and when this fire step side, we're going to see more juice, more momentum behind bitcoin as well.


So things are looking really good for bitcoin right now.

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As you may recall it for many months now, I've been calling for bitcoin seasonality to kick in an about the end of October and as you can see here it was a bit delayed so the bitcoins are not. It seems to have been delayed from October to November and this is what I think is happening. I think we're seeing this bitcoin seasonality kicking in from November and it should take us into further strength, further momentum into the December, November period. And what's more. This is also important, something I mentioned in my previous video, courtesy of Jason Gephardt, and as you can see our guys, people have been so bearish, so negative on Bitcoin, and guess what happens? The markets do the opposite. Okay? When the majority of folks out there are very negative and pessimistic, the markets usually do the exact opposite and move in the opposite direction.

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Our guys. So that's what we were saying here. Contrary in analysis and Susan [inaudible] and a whole bunch of other factors here are telling us, guess what? This is the move that we'd been waiting for and finally outpatients are being rewarded and we're seeing that move to the upside in bitcoin or guys. So all I got to say is Godspeed. Let's hope this will mend some continues and I think it will. Alright guys. So my next target actually by potentially by the next couple of weeks and be about 6,800, uh, I think we're going to hit 6,800 within the November period, potentially even higher than that. Are you guys? So I'm looking for 60 807,000 potentially by end of November to December. And of course I'll have more for you in the member's video. By the way, one more thing I want to mention here quickly is this, some of you said to me in the last video, why did I not mention the, the fork in bitcoin cash.


The reason I didn't mention before because this kind of news, as I mentioned before, many times news, narratives or reasons as to why something is happening. This is information for the masses. All right guys, that's why I don't talk about reasons or what's in the mainstream media. If you want to know what's in the mainstream media or you know what's happening in the news narratives, guys, be my guest. If you want to know information for the masses, be my guest. Go and watch CNBC and read articles online. That's fine. My job here is to share with your information for the classes, not for the masses, and by the way, in case anyone does not know the difference between information for the masses in classes, I highly recommend you watch my previous video, which I explained this key secrets which all traders know, but unfortunately many folks out there still don't know the difference between these two types of information.

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