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As we can see from this daily chart, the once it broke out a kind of this April position here at the $4,000 level as opposed to breaking down to maybe retest the Lowe's or even as many of the bears assumed to make new lows ever since that made this massive Kanal back on April the second. It really has not looked back at all. And many of you or many sort of pundits and analysts out there have been predicting tops ever since. And sadly a polar bear will always pick tops after a big move higher because they're so biased to the downside that they want to force their views and opinion in the market. And they've been doing it ever since ever since this December peak, ever since this February peak, ever since these peaks here in April. And then the peak a few weeks ago in May at 8,000 and now even the peak right here at 9,000 I hear many youtube is, um, not to name names, but I've been calling tops almost a with every single one of these.


And eventually one of these will become more of an intermediate timeframe top and we will see a 30% decline or 40% decline. Even as I showed in the last video. Um, bull markets will shake out, they will provide pullbacks and corrections of 30% but for the people that are huddling for the long term, those are just part in parcel of a massive bull market. They occur and they will occur frequently. And going back to process and planning, okay we need to be mentally prepared for each and every one of those. And I think one might be coming right now. It's hard to say but the point is that if you're getting out now in a huddling strategy just to increase or potentially increase your BTC stack, you run the risk of doing what they did right here at the $5,000 level. And it was all over my comments.

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It was all over my email and DM people getting out to buy a low price. Um, you run the risk of this market just going higher. Even from here, even from this extended and elevated level. And here it is on the, on the weekly chart. Um, yes it looks extended here. It looks like it's had a run that needs to pull back quickly and soon, but there really is nothing stopping this market right here from continuing height and maybe even to test that $20,000 level by the summer. That sounds ridiculous. It sounds, um, yeah, it's just not plausible to many of you and it's not my expectation. It's not what a prediction I'm making right now. But as a huddler we need to be prepared for each and every one of these types of scenarios because our goal is in the six figure range for bitcoin and if we're going to start trading, then you really want to be a very good trader to understand.

Um, you know, when to get out, when to, when to know that you're wrong, Winton, minimize your risk or your position of being out of position, um, to not avoid being caught without a position as it continues to go higher. So, you know, I keep hearing again, I get to get out and make some more bitcoin by buying and lower. Well it hasn't worked too well so far. And if you recall, and if you look at the price change from a percent standpoint, from the bottom here at the $3,100 level to where we are now, we're talking about 185 sorry, let me do that.

Yeah, it's around about 1808807000 187% gain in the market. So people like saying, well it's impossible to get a 20,000 in a short term. Well, you know, I think it's unlikely. I agree. But if we draw from the $9,000 level to the $20,000 level, something interesting is what you see. You see percentage gain to the $20,000 level is only 126% from here. Yet in the last four months, bitcoin has made a 187% gain. So careful with your bias and careful making statements like it's impossible or just can't happen. Yes, it's unlikely. But we've already seen this massive move. We already see a parabolic light structure. It's in play. So I just want to warn you that losing position now to try and get more coin for the massive move higher is really again, a fool's game. And I've been trying to reiterate this from the beginning of my videos.

The smart way you should try to start Bitcoin trading with small amount of money

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Um, it's important not to do that. Really what it requires is much more mental discipline and less focused on price and whether the market is doing and less focus on the gains that you have in on paper. For now, I know many of you have already saying, Oh, you know, this is great. Uh, I'm up 100% and so forth. And if you bought in heavy at the bottom, congratulations. But that also can be, um, in the future your downfall because you may have too big a position and you can't handle the gains. If you're finding gains at $9,000 already been difficult to hold because they are a potential to you, then you may want to look at lightening up a little bit. And that's why I advocate kind of that 10% holding because I want a position in bitcoin that does not get me excited and I know making profit and, and sort of earning is supposed to be a great thing and it is a good thing, but I want it to be um, overwhelming for me because then it takes away my focus on the goal and the process and the plan of obtaining $100,000 or plus price in bitcoin.

I want to have my strategy in place and I want to follow my plan and process all the way up there. And I can only do that if my size and my position is the right one. And also that I have the mental discipline to execute on a plan like that. I mean, let's face it, the whole point of a huddle strategy like this is that you don't need to be concerned or concerned yourself with the price movements of a market, especially here as moving $1,000 either way. Um, during the last, although the end of the last bull market, you know, bitcoin was moving $1,000 a day up and down. And you know, if, if, if, if this action recently is questioning, is having you question whether you should buy us seller and given time, it's only gonna get harder as we move up the nominal price scale here. As time progresses.

I mean, just look at a look at the opportunity. Hey, we've, we've gained 187%, which is, which is just phenomenal, right? But, um, again, our goal here, sorry, let me see if I can here, is to realize that price of around a hundred thousand or more. So if we look at a 100,000 and we're looking at a 1000% increase, so we've got 180%, 7% of, uh, we still have a 1000% increase, uh, of gains potentially ahead. But then looking up towards this to say one 70, it goes up to a couple of thousand percent and you get the point. Point is that the road ahead is a, you know, it was long but arduous and it will require mental discipline to hold all the way through. And if you're getting giddy and excited right now, then you know you're gonna, you probably knock an execute on the overall plan.

Now look, there's nothing wrong with making 100%, 200% or 300% gain in any market. Um, but that's not what my goal is here. My goal here is for a sort of life changing event where we're looking at 50 x or more in gains while at the same time not risking a lot, not putting your financial wellbeing at risk, not a, you know, a lot losing sleep over this. So try to make this as a simple process as possible with maximizing the amount of gains as possible. Now of course, bitcoin has to get up to that level for this to work out. And there's no disputing that. I'm not trying to tell you what to guarantee or certainly cause it's not, but I don't want bitcoin to make another move another cycle like it has in the past. And for me not to participate in that way.

Knowing what I know today, knowing what I believe today, I don't want to be looking back in two or three years and saying, dammit, you know, I really knew I had, I had that feeling it was going there. I predicted it. I was, you know, I have planned for that, but I just didn't, didn't take advantage of it for whatever reason. Many of you already were in this position in the last cycle and may have been invested for that cycle, but got out way too early or just never got out for example, because you just didn't have a plan when you're going with the tide of emotion that that market, you know, presented to you. But now you're more informed. You've gone through the process before and you have a strategy in place. I mean, along along that theme, I posted a tweet the other day that, you know, we talk about the Tulip Mania that occurred in Holland three, 400 years ago now.

And then we talk about, you know, the, uh, south street bubble. Uh, we'll talk about the roaring twenties here in the US. We talk about railroad bubbles. You know, we talk about the.com bubble and some of those a couple of centuries removed, some, most of them are many, many decades removed and Bitcoin, and I will call it a bubble because it will become a bubble every create technology and in a massive blow off and a bubble that pops. Uh, it's just the nature of, uh, of how speculative markets work, especially in the early adoption periods. And bitcoin is absolutely without any doubt, not only part of that club, but probably going to go down in history as the biggest of all bubbles, right? If not the biggest, the top three. And that means they're going to be talking about Bitcoin, they're going to be studying bitcoin in economics classes in the 22nd century and the 23rd century.

They to be talking about you here today as a participant of that bubble, right? And they're going to be studying that for, for, like I said, for centuries to come. So you are right now sitting in history amongst, amongst what will be talked about for, for, for a very long period of time. That is an opportunity and I think that many of you know this and appreciate it, but I'm not sure if you really step back and think of the sort of enormity of um, of this opportunity and where we stand today and we have that opportunity ahead of us, but only if we have a plan, a process and we have the discipline to execute on this. So if you want the trade all coins, you want to trade bitcoin in futures markets. I do that. Do that with a separate account, right? Don't you have two different strategies if that's what you need, if you have that urge.

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Records. Many traders have an urge, many traders need to trade and it's the, it's the emotional side that really tugs at them for doing that. It's a gambling as aspect to trading. Many of us have it. Um, I'm not afraid to say that I go into treating sort of 25 years ago because of the thrill of watching, you know, price go up and down. Uh, if you have that, which I am sure many of you do, then just separate your accounts to say to yourself, you don't want, I've got one account here on the four year journey. I see the opportunity ahead for bitcoin and I'm gonna, I'm not gonna waste the opportunity. Well, I'm not going to have a situation where if it gets up to that six figure level and above that I'm not going to be a part of it. And then try, try your luck on training if that's what you want to do.

Learn the disciplines, learn the strategies, learn risk management correctly and trade positioning and have a go at it. If you really feel that you could benefit and of doing that. I'm not going to stop [inaudible] I'm not, I'm not gonna encourage everybody to not do that if they feel that's the part they want to take. But let me tell you, that's a very skilled arena that you'd be playing in and it's not easy. And if, if you're trying to compare or compete against something like a huddle strategy where the goal is for this to go up by three, 4000%, then I'm going to tell you it's going to be very, very difficult to know which holes to hold the alt and to trade the olds in a way where you can adjust beat the three or 4000% gain that we're looking at for bitcoin. It's going to be difficult.

I can tell you that. And 90% of you that trade or want to trade actively will not beat a simple, almost carefree huddle strategy for Bitcoin to just keep that in mind. But my main point is that if you want to do it, go ahead and do it. But just separate your accounts. Give a more than the 50% allocation, um, to you overall fun to Crypto, to this huddle strategy. Put aside. Okay. Put It on the blockchain, obviously, I mean by it and put it on the treasurer. Uh, put it on a paper wallet, something secure, put it in the safe or the drawer. Um, and then execute the discipline and the huddle strategy that we have going forward. And I can guarantee you that, um, you know, as, as this market goes higher, uh, you'll benefit from that versus sort of trying to trade the ins and outs of a very volatile market.

The smart way you should try to start Bitcoin trading with small amount of money


All right, so I should, you know, relatively short video today, one or two focus on discipline and process. Very important. Look at this monthly chart here of bitcoin. We're now above a simple nine month moving average. It's not rocket science, but it does a pretty good job in illustrating the bear phase. And bull phase for me just looks like a very, very clear cut four year cycle low and they returned to the bull market. As I said, nasty pullbacks and corrections will come as you can see for many of the candles from the prior bear and bull market. We will see those again. But this has no way of timing those. And the other important thing is there were already five months into a new cycle here, five months, a cycle's only for 48 months, four years worth. And we're predicting that for two and a half to maybe three years of that cycle, bitcoin will be going up.

So that's only around about 32 to 36 months of that cycle. And we're already five months into that. So we're already well past 10% of the journey and it's gone by pretty quickly. But that's just time. Time goes by quickly. And um, in, all I can say is for those still sitting on the fence, I know it's difficult looking at these two big monthly candles and sing, I want price here because that's where it was. I don't want it here. Well again, I just want to point out what would, what we're looking for as a potential on the, on this log scale here. So we're looking at this sort of $200 range. Okay. And then you are looking at this, oh, let me fix that.


Okay. So you're looking at filling this gap and you're risking this gap. You already tried to fill this gap here last month and risk this gap, excuse me. And uh, now we have this, this gap here to, to play with. So just keep that in mind. I know it's very difficult to get back in at certain points. At some point you just have to bite the bullet as they say and take your position, uh, for the rest of us. More of a mental discipline, right? We, we have, this is a goal. There are going to be profit targets along the way. If you look at the spreadsheet I have on the four year journey site, I have a page called the model portfolio. And you'll notice on that that there is a target there for a first target cell at $16,000. And I've had a few people already mentioned this or inquire about this.

$16,000 is only there and you're like, why you're taking profit that soon or you're selling that soon then yes I am. And that was always my goal. I'm selling five of my bitcoin at this level, um, at $16,000 to cover the investment that I made at the $4,000 level. And it's not about, um, third bout. So taking profit, it's more about getting my investment back out so I can sit with 20 bitcoin more comfortably as it moves higher. So if we're going to ride a move into the sort of 30 and $50,000 range with a full boat, without taking any profits, could it be difficult emotionally and psychologically to be holding those as the market starts to become volatile? And if you have five and 10% swings, let's just say you have a 5% swing at the $50,000 level, you're talking about a two and a half thousand dollar move in a given day.

Okay? And if I have 25 Bitcoin, I'm talking about a $60,000 move in a given day. Now that's a lot of money for anybody. Okay? Um, and that's half of the investment that I put in at the bottom of the cycle. So we're talking about swings in a given day of half your initial investment, whether you put in one thousand ten thousand a hundred thousand or a million as your starting point for the four year journey, we're talking about half of that move and that's significant and it takes a lot of mental discipline to be able to watch your investment drop by that much. And if you have multiple days of 5% corrections, for example, without ever taking any profit, then what begins to happen is you start to question whether or not you've held on for too long or whether or not you actually at the very top of a market and then you start to really question that.

And then if you get three or four really bad days, you can potentially puke your entire position, meaning sell your entire position. Yes, it would be at some profit, most likely. But again, as I mentioned a few minutes back, my goal was not to make a small profit. My goal was to make a life changing profit. And for me in order to do that, I feel that if I can recover most of my initial investment around the $16,000 area, then as the market begins to move in, in these sort of three and 5% swings, I'll be okay with that because I will know that the worst case is I'm not gonna lose any money. EMV came all the way back down to sort of 20,000 and I topped for some reason at that 40 50 $60,000 level and did not go up to the goals that we had in place.


I'm going to be okay with that and I'm going to be able to ride those massive corrections and may even be able to buy back in a little bit. Not that that's my strategy, but I will be in a strong position, uh, you know, financially, but also mentally to be able to look at that hundred and 50 to 200 and $250,000 prize and execute on that strategy. And then lastly is $16,000 as a price is deliberate. I'll tell you why. One, it's four times my entry point. So that that's the first thing. But second, um, I'm guarding against the possibility that this $20,000 top for whatever reason is a major top for maybe the next four year cycle as well. Okay. It's not, you know, I talk about the upside potential light and I have talked about downside but I haven't talked too much about that.

But there's know there's always a chance that we get sort of this double top or close to it possibility in this cycle we get what's called a left trends later, four year cycles. So we top in the first year or so and then you know, we kind of grind lower and maybe make a new low. All right, so this becomes sort of this eight year bear market. Okay. Allows for more technology to be developed and then it does in the next four year cycle. Kind of what we thought, am I doing this for your cycle? Again, it's not a prediction. It's definitely not my expectation, but it is a possibility and we're talking about considerable sums of money here. I want to be able to mitigate against that by being able to take a good amount of profit off the table here at the sort of $16,000 level.

And if we do get something like this, then it's not going again real ruined me financially. Even though it's sort of learning more like a 10% allocation, I get my, most of them, I tell them percent allocation back and I can live with this type of scenario. So it's more about risk mitigation at that point. All right. Um, and so again, focusing on discipline process, um, think about that all the time. Think about the goal that we have here and not think short term, don't be shortsighted in the gains that you have. If you're adding up your gains consistently on paper, then I don't see how you have a major chance of taking advantage of this big opportunity that I think is directly ahead of us. Thank you for listening. Um, this video actually went longer than I thought it would. Um, have, you know, place any comments you have in the forum or on the Youtube Post. I'll be happy to try and get to some of those or many of them. Again, I appreciate your listening and I wish you all the best.

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