Bitcoin will suppress a 30 000 dollar mark. When will it happen and when will start a new bull run?

Is something quite interesting? Now, this particular chart you see right now, and you might think this is bitcoin, it might take initially it. My thing is, is the chart of Bitcoin, because it looks very similar, but it's not. It's a stuck of a famous company, which almost everybody knows, I'm sure. About 20 years ago in [inaudible] 97 1997 the stock of this company went up 8000% 800% or more than that, actually in 1990 at peak and then crashed by 94% all right, so this stock went into a massive bubble. All right, and everybody knows what this stock is. I'll show it to you then crashed by 94% so let me show you precisely what stock this is liquid. Let's go to the next chart guys. Yes, guys, you guessed it. It's Amazon. You saw guys 20 years ago, the slough off Amazon went from a dollar 30 about a dollar 30 and then skyrocket as you can see their 8360% and then Amazon went to $110 and then crashed in the famous dot com crash of course of 99 nine 2000 and dropped by 94% similar does that, does that look very similar or familiar to bitcoin?

Here I am, I'm going to produce another video here. Obviously, you're watching it right now. If you like this video, tell me you show me, you know, by, by using the light and subscribing. If the engagement is there and people will actually find values, found value in my videos, I will certainly publish more of these. I just need to know that I'm not wasting my time by doing that. So again, if you like it, share it, let me know and I'll keep going and I'll, I'll get deeper and deeper as, as we go along with these videos today. I want to focus on a video that many of you asked for, which is a cycle on a shorter timeframe. So the last video covered bitcoin from a four-year cycle perspective. The bull and bear phase over multiple years, of course, but that cycle was grateful hurdlers and investors, it doesn't do much for traders of course.

Is it possible that now we see a bottom of Bitcoin fall and next top will be on a 200 000-dollar mark for one Bitcoin?

Hello, this is Bob Lucas, I'm an analyst with Bitcoin live and today I'm going to be presenting a very interesting and exciting update on the four year bitcoin cycle and I think this is the video that you're going to really want to pay attention to because the current action and sell off in the bitcoin markets really is something that is quite normal for this point in the cycle and one that really does present an amazing opportunity for those who have the foresight to look at it from the correct lens. So this will be a bit about a 10-minute video going over the bitcoin cycle, some of the history, some of how cycles work and then a look into the future into what some of the possibilities will be. Um, so first a little bit on me. I'm a 25-year veteran of training past 10 years.

Can XLM do what Bitcoin last year? Will XLM may surge to a price summit

I thought that since bitcoin has not been doing anything interesting last few days, what I want to talk about is actually something that is interesting and I think it's quite fascinating to talk about. So take a look at this page over here, which is coin market cap dot Com, and on this page, as you can see the these are the cryptocurrencies as per market cap and of course the cryptocurrencies with the largest market cap are listed first, so in descending order, so you can see at the top of the list as we'd expect, the crypto were the were the largest market cap, is bitcoin and followed. Then by etherium Xrp, bitcoin cash stellar and off they go down the list, Ios light coin car, Dano, tether, Monero and so on and so on. Now you're probably wondering, well, why am I mentioning this? Well, what's happening is there's been an interesting theory floating around that one of these cryptocurrencies are you seeing here could do what bitcoin did in 2017, which is, as you can see here, this is bitcoin back in 2017 and essentially the theory is at one of those cryptocurrencies could go up by a thousand percent or more.

Is it a new Bitcoin Bull run?

I've been calling for this now for many months and finally it seems we are getting it and in fact we're getting it just about a couple of weeks, perhaps a week or two after we expected this to happen and as you can see here, bitcoin is finally getting follow through. That's the thing we're looking for. Follow through and we're getting it. As you can see here, bitcoin has finally taken out of the resistance levels and guess what? The pulse signal that I've been watching here is finally going the other way. You can see the momentum; the momentum shifts on the pulse. You can see that momentum histogram is going the other way. We're getting from negative to less negative. I think this pulse eventually is going to fire to the upside and when this fire step side, we're going to see more juice, more momentum behind bitcoin as well.

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