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Black Rock news are old but BTC fly but CoinBase news may help Bitcoin Fly

Do Your own research, utilize objective thinking and make an informed decision. All right, this is your hard earned money. Don't buy any of this shit. Trust your own judgment. Trust your own opinions. If you want to take a consideration what I or someone else where YouTube says good, but test it, question it, weigh it, measure it. All right guys. Now I'm not saying I'm prophecy. All I'm saying is on my channel. I do the best I can to give good information. Like I really worked my ass off on this and a lot of a lot of you fuckers out there want to sit there and write this hateful, toxic as comments about, oh, why don't you do your own research, blah, blah, blah. Well, if, because I am doing my own research and when I find things I find anything, any kind of resources or information available, I share it now in March when I was just a little green horn, green pea, new noob, whatever the fuck you want to call me on YouTube.

 How Bitcoin may reach 65 k in 2018? 

Is it possible that Bitcoin will be worth more than 250 k in a 5 year?

Alright guys, so $65,000 I had her, that's why I said $65,000. That is the latest claim coming from tica toward from Palm Beach. Actually rephrase that. Fat Booty, cheeks. PBC. Okay. That is the latest claim coming from that entity saying that $65,000 bitcoin by the end of this year. Like I really wonder. I mean has this guy lost his mind? He bought, but he definitely provided the information to back it up. I did my research, my diligence and it's true. It is true. I will share that with you guys in this video. Now here's the question. Do we really, really, really long talk about the market doesn't really matter right now my opinion, it does not. Is this a correction? Could be. Is it because there are some fun out there? Could be. I really don't care right now. Right now, short term, what's happening today? What's happening tomorrow doesn't matter to me.

Bitcoin is manipulated.

I'm very bullish on bitcoin. I will be the first one to tell you that bitcoin could to tomorrow drop to a thousand dollars. We have things like tether, which is a disease that if that goes down, the prices go down, in my opinion, will be very temporary, but I do feel bullish about bitcoin overall.

is Bitcoin dead and Bitcoin price right now

In this video about what's happening behind the scenes, what traders are doing behind the scenes, and I'll show you what this means. Plus I'm going to explain to you exactly what this chart here is telling us something quite important but what's happening among people out there and what they're thinking about bitcoin. So that's very interesting. I'll talk to you about in just a few moments now. Before I do that, first of all, I want to begin by doing a quick summary of what I've been saying in these videos for the last few months. I say for the last six to 10 months, and this is quite important. So do you pay attention? You see guys, back in September of last year, September 2017 when bitcoin was trading about 3000 or $3,500. So I posted this video and here's what I said in that video, in that video at the time bitcoin had a major drop.

20 Trillion of dollars are coming to a Bitcoin.

Get your peace of a cryptocurrency wealth. Grab some altcoins and small part of a Bitcoin to be sure that future wealth will drive you too.


All right guys, check this out. This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. I am a youtuber. Do not buy a cryptocurrency is just because someone from YouTube said, hey, I liked this. I researched this, I'm investing in this. You should invest in this. Don't do that shit. That's. No, no, no. Do Your own research. Utilize objective thinking and make an informed decision before investing that hard earned money guys. Okay. It's better to be wrong because you made the decision versus being wrong because you listen to someone else just saying so. Alright. So I know there's a huge bloodbath. I didn't do a video yesterday. I got super-duper busy and I'm almost done with certain elements of my mining farm. Um, but there is a bloodbath going on. Everyone's freaking out. I have some answers now. Check this out. It's actually not as far off as we all thought.
We all have been saying market manipulation. I've been saying I'm tired of the Games. I actually put a real strong worded video a couple days ago about how fed up I am with the bullshit. Come to find out, market manipulation actually has played a role in what is going on, but it is actually not being manipulated. Now what is happening is we are seeing the undoing of the manipulation that has already happened and we all kind of suspected this. There's a lot of you guys have commented that my YouTube in the comments section that lists and actually we're not being manipulated now. These are just people freaking out because regulators, you know, there's actually been several people that commented like that. Um, but, and we, for me, if I've always said that, listen, the trillions of dollars are coming this year is different, but it's not going to come until there is some sort of regulation to protect these guys who invest this kind of money and come to find out I wasn't far off either.

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