Reason why we can start a new bull run or fail it again

Now here's something I want to bring to your attention and here's what I'm seeing on this chart is very interesting and I would say very powerful pattern which you might have noticed yourself, but I think it's important to actually expand on this. Let me just bring this to your attention. In this video, I want to show you why this pattern is so important, why it's so useful and how we can use it. So take a look at this. This is Bitcoin, and want to just expand this chart. I want to show you a bitcoin really from. So here's, as you can see here, this is the part to show you here on this chart. I'm using the chart, the trading view here. So this is the peak. We formed the Top back in December of 2017. The drop that occurred, that's the bottom. That's forums back in January or February to February of 2018.

Bitcoin short squeeze on 6000 mark. Will we ever see Bitcoin on a 3000 dollar mark?

I think that Christmas has come early for Bitcoin and bitcoin investors, and in fact, if you listen very carefully, I think you can hear something, can you not listen very carefully and he can probably hear the sound of screams, buy bitcoin short sellers, the people who are betting against Bitcoin, they're now getting squeezed out. Yes, guys, as I'm speaking right now in the last couple of hours, and I'm sure you'll probably noticed that yourself bitcoin has had a dramatic surge. It dramatic surge, which we in fact predicted would happen about only a couple of days ago. We set a big move. In fact, let me show you. Let's examine the evidence before I continue here and show you the exact reason why bitcoin is surging and skyrocketing here. As you may remember, just about a week ago, I posted a video and in that video I showed you this, I said, look, it's time to do the opposite of the herd. 

The smart way you should try to start Bitcoin trading with small amount of money

Black Rock news are old but BTC fly but CoinBase news may help Bitcoin Fly

Do Your own research, utilize objective thinking and make an informed decision. All right, this is your hard earned money. Don't buy any of this shit. Trust your own judgment. Trust your own opinions. If you want to take a consideration what I or someone else where YouTube says good, but test it, question it, weigh it, measure it. All right guys. Now I'm not saying I'm prophecy. All I'm saying is on my channel. I do the best I can to give good information. Like I really worked my ass off on this and a lot of a lot of you fuckers out there want to sit there and write this hateful, toxic as comments about, oh, why don't you do your own research, blah, blah, blah. Well, if, because I am doing my own research and when I find things I find anything, any kind of resources or information available, I share it now in March when I was just a little green horn, green pea, new noob, whatever the fuck you want to call me on YouTube.

 How Bitcoin may reach 65 k in 2018? 

Is it possible that Bitcoin will be worth more than 250 k in a 5 year?

Alright guys, so $65,000 I had her, that's why I said $65,000. That is the latest claim coming from tica toward from Palm Beach. Actually rephrase that. Fat Booty, cheeks. PBC. Okay. That is the latest claim coming from that entity saying that $65,000 bitcoin by the end of this year. Like I really wonder. I mean has this guy lost his mind? He bought, but he definitely provided the information to back it up. I did my research, my diligence and it's true. It is true. I will share that with you guys in this video. Now here's the question. Do we really, really, really long talk about the market doesn't really matter right now my opinion, it does not. Is this a correction? Could be. Is it because there are some fun out there? Could be. I really don't care right now. Right now, short term, what's happening today? What's happening tomorrow doesn't matter to me.

Bitcoin is manipulated.

I'm very bullish on bitcoin. I will be the first one to tell you that bitcoin could to tomorrow drop to a thousand dollars. We have things like tether, which is a disease that if that goes down, the prices go down, in my opinion, will be very temporary, but I do feel bullish about bitcoin overall.

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