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Let's talk about the path to 200,000 bitcoin. Uh, I don't want to spend too much time going over why I believe we're getting go to 200,000 and this cycle or possibly above that.

That is clearly covered in the four year cycle videos that I just mentioned before. Again, if you, uh, need to know, want to know why cover, go over those videos again and you'd get a fairly good sense in an idea for, for my views on that. But very quickly, the four year cycle spans a price action from one major load to the next major low. And I have it mocked starting back in the 2011 timeframe because that is essentially when people would began to transact in bitcoin and we had some true price discovery. We did not have true price discovery in 2010 as evidenced by the 10,000 Bitcoin for pizza, for example.

Will Bitcoin retrace more, or is it the end of correction? When to buy Bitcoin if I want to catch the lowest point?

It's been about three weeks since my last video and a lot has happened since then. I've, I mean bitcoin managed to get almost all the way up to a very surprising at least uprising for this early on in the four year journey up to almost 14,000 I think once it hit a that 1213 then up to forwards 14,000 we really started to have a for the first time kind of a bit of Fomo across the board. I think for the first time also we had some retail and by retail I mean just everyday folks, right? Many of you as well kind of get concerned or jump right in thinking that they had missed the opportunity and really threw in the towel and started buying bitcoin here and a little more size and a little more leverage. And whenever that happens, of course we know that the move when you sort of move, whether it's a short term, intermediate term, we've been longterm move is probably more towards the tail end of the move.

How to know that Bitcoin price is low and it is the time to buy it right now.

Where is the retrace point we should focus on?

Will we need to search cheap entry point to buy a bitcoin or starts a new bear market?

In this video, which many of you have been asking for. I'm going to explain to you very simply and very powerful and simple strategy as to how I'm looking to buy bitcoin. In other words, I'm going to share with you in this video a very simple methodology and a very powerful strategy as to, hi, I'm looking to position myself to buy bitcoin in the very near future. Also, importantly, I'm going to share with you how to minimize the risk as well in this strategy. Now, before I begin showing you a strategy, I would highly encourage you to please watch the first half of this video because the beginning part of this video going to be very important to set the context. So the first thing I'm going to say is this. There are two main methods or two main strategies as to how you approach a market, especially if you're looking to buy or sell into a market.

If you are not a trader, there is a simple way to earn life-changing profit in Bitcoin

As we can see from this daily chart, the once it broke out a kind of this April position here at the $4,000 level as opposed to breaking down to maybe retest the Lowe's or even as many of the bears assumed to make new lows ever since that made this massive Kanal back on April the second. It really has not looked back at all. And many of you or many sort of pundits and analysts out there have been predicting tops ever since. And sadly a polar bear will always pick tops after a big move higher because they're so biased to the downside that they want to force their views and opinion in the market. And they've been doing it ever since ever since this December peak, ever since this February peak, ever since these peaks here in April. And then the peak a few weeks ago in May at 8,000 and now even the peak right here at 9,000 I hear many youtube is, um, not to name names, but I've been calling tops almost a with every single one of these.

Bitcoin ETF and how it will hit Bitcoin price

How will Bitcoin ETF decision impact Bitcoin price this summer? What price may we see if Bitcoin ETF will be declined or approved? How should we trade this situation?
And this video in just a few moments going to share with your thoughts and opinion of my good friend and fellow trader, Charlie Burton. And Charlie's got some very interesting insights and opinions about bitcoin. I'll share that with you in just a few moments. Before we do that, do I just want to quickly mention some important points about the bitcoin ETF? You might've heard the news recently that the sec decided to delay the decision on a bitcoin ETF. As you can see here from this interesting Forbes article, uh, which was posted just recently, what is next after the SCCS Bitcoin ETF decision? At the end of this article, there's something very interesting I'm going to share with you. Uh, let's go and talk about this now. So at the end he asks a very interesting question. He says, the major question is how any pending sec decision could impact the price of bitcoin in the future.

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