I do believe that all this small Bitcoin price crash will be bought up and now we see a correction wave A.

Yes, I can be wrong, but there is a 70 percent chance that we will still climb up.

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There are two scenarios:


The smart way you should try to start Bitcoin trading with small amount of money


1) that are drawn in the chart. We Made A, will be drawing B, and then we will do slow C. C should be low that many, either and I :D believe, that we have stoped with uptrend and started a downtrend. As many shorts will go on that train, so much a chance to go for new ATH will grow. 2) We will stay here for some time, will go lower to this green Ichimoku cloud and we will start a fresh new climb up. Either way, you should be searching for Long entry point, and not Short point.


The whole idea about this is that we still have a strong bullish trend. There is a 10 percent chance that it is a reversal of the whole bullish trend that we can see in a weekly Bitcoin chart. I prefer to trade what I see, not what I want to see. When the chart will show us, that we have reversed then we will start searching Short entry points, right now, there is no Short entry point. Technical analysis shows us, that we need correction, so we may get it. Is it a reason to sell all and leave the market, or even start short? Yes, if you are a daily trader, no, if you are a swing or long time investor. Right now that strategy, buy the dip works fine.

You just need to realize that one time it will fail you, and will bring you a lose, but until that moment, just Buy the Dip.

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