It is an update of the previous Bitcoin trading idea.

I would appreciate if you like and do some commenting. I just made a video about the possible movement for Bitcoin at the end of April. You can find all info just via my Trading view profile and follow my twitter.

There is a high possibility that we will see a correction before we can go up. We need a strong impulse up, and as now I see, that there is no such a buyer who will do it. So, either market maker makes a big impulsive move up, or we are going for a correction. Depends on the correction structure we can predict further Bitcoin move. Right now I do not suggest catch Bitcoin corrective move as it can be a bad idea, but you should have some Stop limit orders if we breach 7200 with strength. During the weekend I was entering and leaving the market many times but right now is the time when you should just relax and watch what market will do.




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