Will we get a chance to buy cheaper Bitcoin?

Bitcoin right now is in a strong bull run. There is a time to a correction. Passing 8500 will lead us to 7900. 7900 will be the mark, where we all should buy in Bitcoin, as this is has massive potential for a short term reversal and bouncing off. Ther ewe can put a perfect Stop Loss with a massive TP. Will market gives us a chance to buy cheaper Bitcoin, have no idea.

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Right now I am in BTC long, but if it fails to climb, I have an SL for a proper entry point. Right now we have no idea which way the market will lead us. Is it a new bull run start, or it is another fake-out. Many people say, this whole bull movement was made without any volume, so what? It is a Bitcoin market, it is a manipulation market, you will not get the fair play right here. Deal with it or go to the stock market. As I got e a good entry point, I am sitting in a long position with a proper stop loss rate count. If you want to trade like me, find my profile, go to twitter, will get there more info and faster info. What do i want from the market: I really would like that we correct some to my precious 7900 price mark and I could make a bigger long position. I do not believe in the doomsday theory and will not count it until the chart will show the opposite. I trade what I see, if I can, I enter the market, if not, i wait for a chance.

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Update of situation.



we have a break out with volume, but this volume is not enough. Either we will climb up, or we will retrace. retrace means, we sell all long, and just sit and wait for confirmation short. There is a middle of Long term Long channel so the price reaction is obvious. Right now is a chance to open Long position with a very small Sl. I suggest to use this opportunity as ods to go higher is bigger than to go down, but we need time to see further price action development. Indicators show that there is a buyer who pushes the price, and there is a limit seller who holds the price. Don't want to go predictions on which side will win.




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