What is Bitcoin time wall for a Bull run reversal and will Bitcoin start new a Bull run for new ATH?

I'm going to explain to you exactly what this particular signal you see here on my chart could potentially mean this is the first time I've seen the signal for a number of months. I'm going to explain to you exactly what this means and in fact I'll show you what it meant the last time. In fact, in previous times when this signal occurred on the charts and also something quite interesting as I'm making this video is the fact that bitcoin has seen a nice bounce. In fact, as you may remember in my last video when I said that bitcoin has hit a very important level here at this point, it's going to potentially see a bounce and in fact we're seeing that happening right now as I'm speaking and I'll explain to you what that could mean in this video as well. Our guys. Let's take a look at this chart of bitcoin.


Now. As you probably remember in my last video, I said, look, a bit coin has hit a key level, and I explained what the key level was. It was the 61 point eight percent a FIBONACCI retracement. In fact, if I just show you right here one more time, there it is, so you can see if you just do a quick FIBONACCI retracement, you'll see that it hit the 61 point nine percent retraced level held it, and it's now bouncing from that level as you can see right there. Now I should just say I'm making this video on a Sunday and as you probably know by now, as I've said it before, weekend activity is not usually reliable because a lot of this activity is driven usually by bots and algorithms, so we do need to wait and see how markets play out from the Monday Friday session as that tends to be much more reliable.

Now, let's take a look at this chart of bitcoin here on this chart and you're probably wondering what is this massive cluster, this cluster you see here? Okay. This is a specific indicator that I created some time ago now, last year, and it's called the lte time power projection indicator. Sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but let me explain to you what it is you'll see most traders and in fact most analysts look at only one thing which is the price axis, so that's the price x on the right-hand side. All right? But most people actually ignore the access at the bottom, which is a time axis. So let me just quickly show you what I mean. Time access is equally as important and perhaps even more important than the price access. So we'd like to combine both price and time together. Now why is that important?

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Because price only gives us resistance and support on the price access. In other words, the floor and the ceiling on the, on the charts. That time resistance acts like a wall. Okay. It acts like a wall on the price and that is what I'm interested in and want to see how this time resistance act on price as well. Are you guys? So that's what we're going to talk about here. And in case you're wondering, the theory behind us actually was put forward by a fantastic trader. Her name is Carolyn Borden, and she said this, you said, when we see trading parameters on both the time and price axis come together at the same time, we are looking at our highest probability, lowest risk trade setups in the marketplace. Are you guys? So what Carolyn is saying there is that we should not just be looking at the price access, but both time and price to increase our probability, increase our odds and edge.

And just before I show you the examples, let me just explain that time. Resistance is non directional. Okay, so it doesn't actually show you which direction the market could go. However you can use it to give you a sense of direction. You could do that, but essentially what time resistance is telling you is three things. When inflection points are about to occur, when big moves are likely to occur, and also when a market move is likely to pause or stall. All right, let me give you one example here. For example, this is when gold, when gold wasn't that massive bubble that we had some years ago. Notice as it went higher and higher, we actually had an idea, we had a leading indication of when that bubble could potentially burst. As you can see here from our, from our massive spike here on the lte time, power projection indicator right there as you can see, that came indeed the very top on the gold market before reversed it actually reversed direction and crashed from that point, and here's one here on Bitcoin is a bitcoin back in July of last year.

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Notice that as Bitcoin was dropping here, we knew in advance. In fact, this is a leading indicator, so we knew about this in advance of it happening when you exactly which date or between what date ranges, the price of bitcoin could potentially reverse direction. As you can see right there, there was our lt time, power projection right there as you can see, and then boom, the price then reversed direction. Okay? Now I remember just like everything else, there is no guarantee or there's no certainty that price will reverse when we say that time, power projection, but again, it does increase our probability when you combine it with the price. Here's another example for you here, so and here's another one for you right over here. In September of that same year, last year, we had another time, power projection which came very close indeed to this very significant low that we had here on bitcoin.

Again, sometimes the parameters of the date ranges can be off by about a week or so. Let me show you this. This is bitcoin back. Take a look at this. You'll see right down here cluster the clustering effect, and by the way, that is exactly what creates this red power projection. When you sit clustering effect of time, relationships coming together, that is what produces the time, power, the read time, power projection, and noticed that happened just a few weeks, about a couple of weeks before this major top formed in bitcoin and what do we see here? We're seeing that right now. We're having the same thing we're seeing. If I can just zoom back a bit here, notice that right now we seem to be approaching another time, power projection, and I'll show you exactly what time range that is, as you will see here. So let me just explain one of the ways I use this indicator, which is first of all, I look at the previous trend of the price, the previous trend in the short term certainly has been to the downside as you can see her as a downward trend right now we're having, and you can see it's approaching this cluster has cluster of time relationships.

Again, what we're seeing here is this time, power projection, this red clustering effect here, and that's giving us a time range between. Let me see if I can get my cross hairs here. Okay. So we can see it's between the 14th of July and which is essentially what we are right now. And the 21st of July. Yeah. So essentially we have a time range from today all the way to the 20, 21st 22nd of July and a by the way, that gives us a peek there. There's also a peak here. A peak seems to be about the middle of next week or this week coming essentially. So the peak is about the 17th to the 19th of July. Now you're probably wondering, well, what is this blue rectangular formation is vertical blue area here. I'll explain to you that as well. If I go in a lower timeframe of four hour chart, I'll show you exactly what's what we're seeing here on this chart.

Now take a look at this on the right hand side of my chart right there. You will see that there's a deep clustering effect which produces a red power projection. Okay, and I'm interested in. I'm more interested in the red power projections as opposed to the other ones. The other ones actually are there just to give me some guidance, but it's when those clustering effects come together to form a red power projection, that is what's important. That gives me a date range. Just to give you an idea of where that is. That gives me a date range between the 25th to the 27th of July, so something potentially big could be happening in that date range between the 25th and 27th of July. Now we don't know what exactly is going to happen in those date ranges, but I think we can have a pretty good clue that either it's going to be a major reversal or potentially a big move or both.

Okay, so usually what happens when we approach these time resistance levels like the one here and has shown to you by this rectangular formation, but this blue area here, so when we approached these time resistance, again, it acts like a wall. It acts like a wall of resistance on time and when you combine that with the price, it becomes certainly much more powerful. So you guys, what that means is this kick those date ranges in mind between the 15th again, essentially that's from today all the way to the 22nd of July, which is essentially the week that we're going into. All right, and also keep in mind the date range or just mentioned a few moments ago, which is between the 25th and 27th of July. Our guys, something potentially big could be happening there. Again, as I mentioned, these indicators are no directional, but you can certainly use them to find some kind of direction.

Well, we know for example, we know that we are at a major support level. We know that for example, we are at the February, April, Los, okay. These significant lows near to 6,000 level. Okay, and guess what? And we're approaching time resistance. So now we have got to two important levels, price support and resistance and also time resistance to key levels coming together, which means guys, in my view, if bitcoin is going to reverse direction, if it's going to show any kind of reversal or inflection point, it's potentially going to be between this date range, as I mentioned before, between the 15th and the 22nd of July. And if it doesn't happen then, then we're looking at this date range here between 25th and the 27th of July. This looks very interesting for bitcoin and again, as I mentioned before, as I'm making this video right now, but it's going to sing a very nice bounce.

So all I'm going to say to bitcoin right now is Godspeed. Let's see what happens here. I certainly hope that that momentum year continues and pushes this higher and by the way, as I mentioned in a previous video, what needs to also happen is we need to maintain and keep the sanctity of this previous low that'd be formed here near just to just about the 6,000 level, so we need to remain above last Friday's lows. And guys, before I finish this video, I just want to say this very quickly. I know that you, the majority of my subscribers are fantastic, very sophisticated, intelligent people, so I really appreciate the fact that you're watching my videos. Thank you very much indeed.


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