Free Trading rules based strategy list

There are many ways to trade and earn in stock or cryptocurrencies markets.

You have to know that 98 % of all traders, and no mater do they trade Forex or they are trading cryptocurrencies- FAILS.

Most of traders burn out their deposit and fail to earn a millionaire life they deserve.

Do not be naïve, trading is hard and consuming a lot of time.

There you will see a list of trading rules based strategy to follow and you can choose what will suit for you, what will work for you, and what you do not like at all.

It is Free Trading rules based strategy list for buy or sell Forex or Bitcoin, or cryptocurrencies.

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Premium Successful cryptocurrency trading rule list

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Successful cryptocurrency trading rule list

Cryptocurrency BUY RULES

1) Just never ever open LONG Bitcoin trading position when market in a correction and correction still did not end. “DO not catch falling knife”.
On the opposite do not short Bitcoin when it is strong Bull market.
It is working only on a long range trades.

2) Start Bitcoin LONG positions only when you have specific cryptocurrency price range marks or you have made your own calculation and you are sure about what are you doing.
3) Just never trade “ALL IN”. You may have stuck in a downtrend of a Bitcoin and you cannot get out without a loss.
4) Always try focus yours trading plan on a first stage cryptocurrency brake out, as if you come alae to trade you will get burn by a retrace of a chart.
5) Try to defend yours profit, do not risk lose all.
6) Try to avoid low volume cryptocurrencies, you may have stuck here for a while until you can get out.
7) Just do not buy in more and more when you are on win position, defend yours profit.
8) Always check cryptocurrency is it legit before you go in to trade.
9) Search early trades for enter Bitcoin bull market.
10) In bull markets, look for crypto that show 40-500% growth or more.
11) Search crypto currency that shows this type of acceleration.
12) Check crypto currency team or companies, be sure what you invest to.
13) Be aware of a recovering crypto currencies as they may return to a sell zones.
14) Search RR at least 1:2 or ¼1:4
15) Search crypto currency cash flow, is it stable, growing, decreasing?
16) Be careful with a new one crypto currency release, it may bring you fortune or may broke you out.
17) Look for abnormal strength on a down day.
18) In cryptocurrency bear markets, either stay out, or go short.
19) Watch cryptocurrency price range you can enter the trade. Never go in if you have missed your range.
20) Never buy 3% past a proper buy point.
21) Never have negative cryptocurrency trades.
22) Do not try to catch falling cryptocurrency price.
23) Never ever buy a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency without doing a research.
24) I will recognize that year one of a new cryptocurrency Bull market is the most productive and I should be the most aggressive. Year two is usually strong but less so than year one. Year three is usually a difficult year and frequently results in a major market downturn. Therefore, I will be very cautious and conservative after year two.
25) Do follow trend. Never go against cryptocurrency trend.
26) If you made a decision do not change yours Bitcoin trade strategy.
27) Know sure which cycle is cryptocurrency market right now.


Cryptocurrency SELL RULES

1) Your every Loss must be not more than 10 percent from your open cryptocurrency position.
2) As you open Bitcoin trade use a stop loss instant.
3) If you aware that market shows bearish signs, go halve your Long Bitcoin position.
4) If your price range touched 50 DMA go to sell cryptocurrency.
5) If your profit is less than a 5 percent from open cryptocurrency position, consider to close it.
6) If you see that rally is low volume, prepare yourself for an impact of bears.
7) Consider sell a cryptocurrency position if RSI drops below 70 mark.
8) Every bull run of a cryptocurrency follows with a bear market, deal with it.
9) If you see a triple top of a Bitcoin that have not been breached go sell your cryptocurrency asap.
10) Always sell some your BTC position if price still go up. You will defend yours profit.
11) Try to guess when savvy investors are due to have a long term capital gain on a cryptocurrency.
12) Sell Bitcoin on a move through the upper channel line after a big run up.
13) If you see that cryptocurrency long-term uptrend line was broken with a big numbers of selling volume.
14) If the market is showing signs of a potential change in character (i.e. moving from trading tightly to trading wide and loose) begin lightening up positions.
15) If you see a long Bitcoin consolidation prepare yourself to close long positions and go heavy on a cash.
16) Never try to ride out a bear market on margin.
17) Bear market means only one: leave market, get cash as much as you can, hold for a next buy opportunity.
18) When planning for an appropriate place to sell cryptocurrency, always look at both the daily and the weekly chart before making a decision.
19) Consider the volume by which previous Bitcoin support levels were breached.
20) If you know that you have wrong Bitcoin long position, close your Loss ASAP, do not hesitate to do it.

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