How to become a better of you to be a successful trader.

I'm going to talk to you about some things I've learned in my journey. Most of them experience, some of them I heard in passing, many of them, I'm still practicing, but all of them I do believe our truth. Life is not easy. It is not. Don't try to make it that way. Life's not fair. It never was. It isn't now and it won't ever be. Do not fall into the trap, the entitlement trap of feeling like you're a victim. You are not. Get over it. Get on.

So the question that we got to ask ourselves is what success is to us? What success is to you more money. That's fine. I've got nothing against money. Maybe it's a healthy family. Maybe it's a happy marriage. Maybe it's to help others to be famous, to be spiritual. Leave the world a little bit better place than you found. Continue to ask yourself that question you answered may change over time and that's fine, but do yourself this fate. Whatever your answer is, don't choose anything that will jeopardize yourself. Prioritize who you are, who you want to be in. Don't spend time with anything that antagonizes your character. Be Brave. Take the hill, but first answer that question.

What's my hill? So first we have to define success for ourselves and then we have to put in the work to maintain that daily tally 10. Our guard keep the things that are important to us in good shape. Where you are not is as important as where you are is just as important. Where we are not where we are. Look, the first step that leads to our identity life is usually not. I know who I am, I know who I am. The first step, the first step, she usually I know who I am, not a process of elimination.


Defining ourselves by what we are not is the first step that leads us to really know and who we are.

You know that group of friends that you hang out with and it really might not bring out the best in you know they, they gossip too much or they kind of shady really aren't going to be there for you in a pinch. Or how about that bar that we keep going to that we always seem to have the worst angle from where that computer screen, right? The computer screen that keeps giving us any excuse not to get out of the house and engage with them world and gets real human interaction. I bet the food that will keep the stuff that tastes so good going down, it makes us feel like crap. The next week we feel lethargic when he putting on weight will those people, those places, those things stopped giving them your time and energy. Just don't go there. I mean put them down and when you do this, when you do put them down, when you put it in there and you couldn't, giving them your time, you inadvertently find yourself spending more time and in more places that are healthy for you, that bring you more joy. Why? Because you just eliminated the WHO's the where's of the Watson, the winds that were keeping you from your identity. Trust me. Too many options. I promised the too many options will make a tyrant of is.

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All right, so get rid of the excess. The wasted time decrease your options. If you do this, you will have accidentally almost innocent put in front of you. What is important process I want to who we are is hard. It's hard if you celebrate, eliminate who you are, not first, you're going to find yourself instead of creating outcomes that take from us, let's create more outcomes that pay us back. Fill us up. Keep your fire lit, turn you on for the most amount of time in your future. We try our best. We don't always do. Architecture is a verb as well. Since we are the architects of our own lives, let's study the habits, the practices, routines that we have that lead to and feed our success, our joy, our honest pain, our laughter, our earn team. Let's dissect that and give thanks for those things and when we do that, guess what happens? We get better at them and we have more to dissect. Be Discerning. Choose it because you want it. Do it because you want to. We're going to make mistakes. You've got to own them and you got to make amends and then you gotta move on. Guilt and regret kills many. Amanda were there time, so turn the page, get off the ride.

You are the author of the book of Your Life.

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