We did tell you that Bitcoin rally will be on July and August may be on a downtrend. Why did you not listen to it?

That brings your attention to something very fascinating and very interesting. You might remember in the video that I posted about a but a couple of weeks ago now. This is the video that I posted just about a couple of weeks ago. I said the exact date of bitcoins, next big move and in fact I showed you two important date periods that was going to be important for bitcoin and Bitcoin's next move. Next big move will likely happen on this date. What were those dates? I'll show you a few moments. You see guys, first of all, at the time I posted that video. Here's what was happening. You see at the time bitcoin was dropping as you will see there, it was dropping from the period between May to July. It wasn't a downward trend as you'll see here, and it was approaching what we call time resistance.



As you can see here from this red projection on my chart, this is the lte time power projection indicator, which we created about a year ago and this was telling us that there is lucky to be a big move on that day and it was during that period, the period. I'll tell you exactly when that was, by the way, pay attention to also this blue column that you see are much art. This blue column, as I said, it's going to also be important. So what were those important dates and you can see this wasn't my video, that particular video just showed you and I showed you these two important dates between the 15th or the 22nd of July. Actually I gave you a more specific period which was between the 17th and the 19th of July and then I said pay attention to also the 25th or the 27th of July as well. So two important date periods to pay attention to and you will see this was also my video. You'll see on my four hour timeframe, I showed you these, this particular projection, this time, power projection that came through the 25th and 27th of July. Now remember, we knew about these dates in advance. We knew that these dates that I just mentioned, we're going to be relevant for bitcoin before those events actually happens. All right, so there is actually a kind of a magical quality about this particular indicator that it tells us these dates before they actually happen.

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Now, let me explain what happened. Firstly, the trader and experts behind time analysis is a lady by the name of Carolyn Board, and here's what she says. She says, when we see trading parameters on both the time and price axis come together at the same time, so that's important. Come together. At the same time, we are looking at our highest probability, lowest risk trade setups in the marketplace. Unless she continues. He says this. I'll find that when both the time, both the time and price parameters come together at the same time. The odds for a market reversal are much higher than usual, and that by the way, is the key phrase right there. Guys. Market reversal are much higher than usual when time and price resistance come together and she says, when I see a group of timing cycles come together, I watched for a reversal of whatever the market is doing into those cycles, into those cycles. So let me just explain that. Let me just unpack what you just said. You see guys, time resistance acts like a wall, a wall of resistance on price. So if we just go back to our chart just for a moment. So this is the chart that I showed you some weeks ago before the rally even occurred. So before that major rally we saw on Bitcoin, I said, look, first of all, we got some time resistance coming through and given the fact that bitcoin was dropping, dropping into that time, resistance and following with Carolyn board and just said a few moments ago, that means the probability was for a reversal in the direction of bitcoin and that's what we saw. That's what we saw. And that first time period, the first time maybe to the 15th, 22nd of July.

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So in other words, guys, what was happening was that the downward trend, this downward trend in bitcoin hit time resistance as we know between the 15 to 22nd of July. And that's what brought about the major push higher than major rally reversal that we saw some weeks ago. But as you may remember in my chart about a few weeks ago, I had a second date. I was showing a second date range than 25th, 27th of July. As you can see there, and as shown to you by this column, that blue column, which again remember we knew about these dates before. That's my blue column as shown to you by the Lt time, power projection there, and notice, notice that we can see now we can see now what that was telling us. That's time projection was telling us, look, price was rallying into that blue column, that Blue Column within the 25th and 27th of July, right there. Notice that blue column right there and notice what exactly what happened there. In fact, let me just turn this into a four hour timeframe so you can see it. There it is. So in other words, as Carolyn Borden was saying, the way you interpret time resistance is if price is moving, if price is moving, let's say moving up in this case, so if price is moving, let's say higher and upwards into a column of time resistance, all right, into a wall of time resistance, then that time resistance combined with price can act as like a resistance as like a wall. And notice. That's exactly when bitcoin form that intermediate top and started dropping their okay started dropping right after it hit that time resistance again.


We knew that this time resistance weeks beforehand happened.

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