Why XRP will not follow a bull run and will crash

I'm going to explain to you what could possibly be going on over here and what the surge in ripple potentially means. Before I do that though, let's just have a few laughs by looking at some of the news headlines in the last few days about this. So take a look at this. Here's some of the news headlines about this price search ripple xrp is up almost 50 percent in 24 hours on exciting new feature. And here's another one. Ripple to launch payments. Service XRP price surges. Seventy four percent. Here's another one. Ripple XRP could be boosted by exciting new payment options. Now, the reason I've been laughing at these headlines is not because in future we'll be using cryptocurrencies as a one method of payment. I do believe that actually is going to happen. I do believe that in the future we will definitely be using some kind of cryptocurrency for making payments.


So I'm not laughing at that. Know what I'm laughing is the fact that very soon after these headlines about how ripple is going up by 70 percent or 50 percent or whatever, very soon, these very same news organizations that we're spreading this hype about this surge, they also said this, take a look. Just that day after the very same news media that we're talking about, the price search a 50 percent, 74 percent. They posted this. They said ripple XRP has fallen sharply after last week. Spike. Here's why. Okay, let's see. The ripple Xrp bull run appears to have come to an abrupt end after last week's hundred percent price rise as hard bits and investors look to recoup their losses from earlier in the year, and here's another one. Over $9,000,000,000 wiped off xrp value after surprise, spike into cryptocurrency price and there another one. Ripple lives up to the maximum of what goes up.

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Must come down. Guys. I've said this before and I'm going to say it again. What's been happening in the last few days is a perfect example of why financial news media are the biggest pile of garbage. The biggest Turd Burger on the planet because the very same organizations that we're talking about, a huge surge, a huge spike in the price of ripple and why this is going up on the very same day provided evidence and provided reasons as to why it's going down. So let me get this straight. There are reasons for why this is going up and there are reasons for why it's going down. You see guys, I've said this before in a previous video, one of the best books written on financed by Nassim Taleb. I highly recommend you read this book, fooled by randomness. In this book, the author Nassim Taleb says that, look what news organizations do and the reason why financial news media is useless and complete pile of garbage is because they give you a whole bunch of reasons in one day as to why something's going up and on the very same day or day after.

They give you a whole bunch of other reasons as to why it's going down. Which is why I said in my previous video, if you go and watch my previous video that I posted just about four weeks ago, I said this, what bitcoin insiders don't want you to know. This is the secret that insiders don't want other people to know, which is this. There are two types of information. There are information for the masses, everybody else, and there is information for the classes. Who were the classes, the elite stained ciders. Do you think the elites, the insiders rely on the same kind of information from the mainstream media, for example, as everybody else? No, they don't do that information for the masses, that the pile of nonsense and garbage, everybody gets from the mainstream media. No, that is not what insiders and the elites rely on to make their investment decisions.

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Professionals do not rely on news narratives. Let me repeat that. Professionals do not rely on news and news narratives for their decision making. What they do is they look at heart evidence. They look at hard facts. They look at the charts, they look at price action because price action is pure. What's been happening in the last few days in the last week is a perfect example of pump and dump by the institutions. They deliberately spread these false rumours. Now they might be true. Rumours doesn't matter, but the fact that they spread these gossip to spread this rumour in the mainstream media, the mainstream media, what they do, they amplify it, amplify this news. They talk about it, oh, price, surge of 50 percent price or just 74 percent and so on and so on, and when things don't work out, when the price suddenly falls, they provide a whole bunch of other reasons as to why no, it's not going to work out because the professionals are taking profits and all that kind of stuff.

This is why guys, we need to be careful. We need to educate ourselves. We need to educate our minds by reading books like this one as to how professionals and institutions can manipulate the price by against spreading rumours and gossip and of course pumping and dumping a specific market, and this is why guys, I do not believe this is the beginning of a bull market rally. As some people have called it in ripple, but in fact is nothing more than a pump and dump a deliberate, manipulative move to push the price of ripple higher in order for the institutions and insiders to make profits off of it. In fact, here's some evidence as to why he believed this. If you take a look at the chart of ripple now, if you compare us to the chart of Bitcoin, you will not see any kind of correlation whatsoever. In fact, look at bitcoin.

There's hardly any sort of corroboration here. Any kind of confirmation in the price of Bitcoin, because let me make this very clear. It's very unlikely for ripple on its own to stage a bull market rally without seeing some kind of follow through. Some kind of confirmation of correlation happening in the other crypto markets like bitcoin and maybe even a theory. Let's not forget that bitcoin has a much higher market cap than some of the other. Crypto is like a theory. I'm XRP and so on and so on. So if there was going to be a genuine bull market run and the price of ripple, we would at least see some kind of evidence of that happening in, for example, bitcoin or indeed theory. We're not seeing anything like that in either bitcoin or indeed in Assyria and both of which actually are going down. And it actually, if you just go back to the chart of rippled, here's something else I want to say here about this, which is it is true.

That ripple has broken through some important trend lines. In fact, this broken through this important resistance level you see here. So that is a positive sign. So if we just zoom in here, we can see that xrp ripple here is above. His trend line is above is 21 daily average. That is a positive sign, but I think as you will see in the next few weeks potentially, I think what is likely to happen here is that we're going to see this and nothing more than a failed rally and did a temporary pop before this finally collapses and folds back to its support level. And here's the level you want to watch, this is the level you want to pay attention to on ripple forty cents, which is this level with a trend line meets the 21 daily average. If ripple falls back below the trend line, below the 21 daily average, then this is very likely a failed rally and nothing more than a temporary pop before we see this market before this price comes back down to reality, uh, back to the support levels.

But here's another thing, I'm going to keep an open mind. If ripple tests this level at forty cents, this trend line and this moving average, and then bounces off and the stages another rally here above the previous highs that it's formed above the, above the eighty cents level there.


Then if that happens, then very likely this is the beginning of something potentially big potential bull run in ripple. But do I think that's likely to happen? No, I do not. It's a possibility. But is it likely is a probable? No, I do not believe that. So again, what I think is really happening here is institutions are deliberately manipulating through, again, through news, through rumor and gossip, to deliberately push the price of a market higher and then we're going to see it fail, fall back down to its previous lows. And I think that's what's really going on here in ripple. The fact that bitcoin and ethereum are not seeing any evidence of that, any follow through any confirmation is I think also, um, something to bear in mind. By the way, I know that the supporters of ripple her watching this video right now are probably going to disagree with me on this.

That's okay. We can disagree, but again, we'll see in a few months where this oil is going to go. Our guys hope this video helps and if it has, please give it a thumbs up.

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