The real truth how to become a day trader

The real day trading pain that no one speaks about it

So you guys want to know the truth about day trading and becoming a day trader. You're thinking about becoming a day trader. It may read a website, a blog, you been on Facebook, seen a youtube video, how people are trading stocks. You're thinking about getting into it. Well, let me give you the truth that most of these videos won't give you right up front and we'll start with the most significant harsh reality of the mall — number one. If you're watching this video and you haven't started trading where you're thinking about trading, number one, get ready to lose all of your money. Wait, did he say that? Yup. Get prepared to lose all of your money. Okay, so that's number one. Ask Yourself, are you ready to lose all of the money you have? If yes, okay, you're prepared to become a trader. Second, are you prepared to dedicate at least one and a half to two of your years studying a new career?

How to become a millionaire in a business or regular life? How to start trading like a professional trader with many years on your shoulders.

If you expect to achieve your goals, if you plan to reach your potential, if you expect to have your dreams come true, what I'm about to explain to you is mission critical. You must become a master at visualization.

For those of you that are like, what the heck is she talking about? I did not sign up for some sort of meditation, Woo spiritual thing here. Don't worry. This is Mel Robbins. There's always science and research involved in everything that I talk about. So visualization is an extraordinarily powerful skill. You may have heard of the law of attraction. You may have heard of the word visualization. You may have heard of the word manifesting. I call it seeing signs. Your brain has a system in it. Here's the technical term. It's called the reticular activating system. It is a network of neurons all up in here. And what is the job of the reticular activating system? It is a filter system. It's a system that allows specific information in your brain, and it blocks out other information and guess who programmed that filter you did, and so did the people from your past.

What happens when you do a mistake in trading?

Just want to start off by saying thank you for following. Thank you for the likes and the comments. I do try and reply to many comments. One thing I have noticed in the comments is a lot of positive feedback, which is great, but also the sense that a lot of people are taking my work far too literally in the sense that it's a. it's almost like it's gospel. I just want to warn that, you know, I'm just like everybody else, right? Definitely not nostradamus here or I don't have a crystal ball and it's very important in trading and investing not to fall for 41 narrative or any one style or any one strategy. We're all pretty much susceptible to error, to being wrong and every strategy, every style is essentially just providing a trader if executed correctly with a solid edge. And that's how I view my own work.

Why XRP will not follow a bull run and will crash

I'm going to explain to you what could possibly be going on over here and what the surge in ripple potentially means. Before I do that though, let's just have a few laughs by looking at some of the news headlines in the last few days about this. So take a look at this. Here's some of the news headlines about this price search ripple xrp is up almost 50 percent in 24 hours on exciting new feature. And here's another one. Ripple to launch payments. Service XRP price surges. Seventy four percent. Here's another one. Ripple XRP could be boosted by exciting new payment options. Now, the reason I've been laughing at these headlines is not because in future we'll be using cryptocurrencies as a one method of payment. I do believe that actually is going to happen. I do believe that in the future we will definitely be using some kind of cryptocurrency for making payments.

Bitcoin insiders are buying cheap bitcoins, do they?

In this video, I'm going to share with you one of the most powerful and best kept secrets by professional traders. I guarantee you guys that 99 percent of people do not know this about the markets and I'm going to share it with you today in this video. You'll see guys a few days ago I posted this video. Let me show it to you. So this is my video a few days ago, and in that video what I showed you was this chart of bitcoin and I was explaining what this movement in Bitcoin a few days ago could potentially mean. In fact, as you can see here, a few days ago, we had a quite an interesting surge or a pop in bitcoin into the 6,800 level. If I go onto a lower timeframe chart, you will see that that's surge that we had a few days ago. This is what it looks like on a five minute timeframe. Take a look.

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