In other words, do you see anything on the charts that is potentially bullish or positive for bitcoin?

And by the way, guys, I think you're going to like this video because you might be surprised and perhaps shocked by the answer. So what I want to do in this video is to go back and challenge every assumption I've made in my recent videos. As you may have noticed from my most recent videos about Bitcoin, for example, this one and this one. I have been rather bearish on bitcoin. And by the way, if you go back and watch those videos again, you will notice that I've been consistent and logical in my justifications and my assumptions in those videos. Now, here's what I want to do in this video, despite the fact that I'd been bearish on Bitcoin in the last couple of videos. What I want to do therefore and this video is to challenge those assumptions and in fact going against those very assumptions that I had in the last few videos and I want to see actually is there a possibility or probability that I'm wrong?

We did tell you that Bitcoin rally will be on July and August may be on a downtrend. Why did you not listen to it?

That brings your attention to something very fascinating and very interesting. You might remember in the video that I posted about a but a couple of weeks ago now. This is the video that I posted just about a couple of weeks ago. I said the exact date of bitcoins, next big move and in fact I showed you two important date periods that was going to be important for bitcoin and Bitcoin's next move. Next big move will likely happen on this date. What were those dates? I'll show you a few moments. You see guys, first of all, at the time I posted that video. Here's what was happening. You see at the time bitcoin was dropping as you will see there, it was dropping from the period between May to July. It wasn't a downward trend as you'll see here, and it was approaching what we call time resistance.

Contrarian view on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin market

When you know the majority of people are heavily short or heavily bearish on the market, why is it that that's a contrarian signal? Because I don't think. I think these questions were asking mostly about newer, newer traders, maybe by maybe newbies who don't understand the country or in outlook. Can you explain quickly if you can, why it is that when for especially for folks either have or don't understand as contrarian outlook report, the last commitment traders report when the majority of non-commercials were heavily short net short on bitcoin.

What are the real reason the Bitcoin market moves?

In this video, I'm going to talk to you what's happening here in the bitcoin market as a continues to surge higher as you can see here. In fact, in just a few moments when they played this hilarious clip, the financial news media cannot believe what's happening. By the way. Now, if you've been watching my recent videos, you'll know that we'd been expecting this move on bitcoin. In fact, the last video I put out there, I said that bitcoin short sellers are more likely to get slaughtered and that we're going to see further upward pressure in bitcoin. Now, in this video, I want to tell you about an important mistake which many folks out there keep making and I want to make sure you don't make it. You see, you guys just met a few weeks ago when bitcoin was at these lows down here. Do you know what the financial news media were telling people?

Trading timing technics that may help you reach a prosperity in trading

In this video, we're going to talk about three great timing techniques. In other words, I'm going to show you three powerful and very simple ways in which you can time your entry into the markets and by the way, this can be any market you want it to be, whether it's stocks, stock markets, forex, gold, and of course bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Now, first of all, why is timing so important and one of the best books ever written about trading the markets and investing called market wizards. Trader and investor lender rescue says this, he says one of her main weaknesses in her mistakes has been being a bit premature on entering positions, and she says what she does now is wait until things set up just right before she takes a trade and she says it's better to have the wrong idea and good timing than the right idea and bad timing. 

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